Gordon Ramsay Has Strong Feelings About This 'Weef Bellington' Recipe

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay certainly minces food, but he has never been one to mince his words. He recently posted a TikTok duet video reacting to another clip on the platform, and let's just say that his trademark personality isn't diminishing at all with time.

In the original TikTok by @calabroskitchen, chef Anthony Calabro demonstrated a whimsical take on Gordon Ramsay's signature beef Wellington recipe. In this version, dubbed "weef bellington," he proceeded to make it inside-out, much to the chagrin of Ramsay. It's worth noting that the original post has 1.8 million views and thousands of comments, so it seems that not everyone is as appalled by the cooking method as Ramsay was. Calabro himself isn't exactly upset about the Ramsay uproar, either, as it's sent quite a bit of traffic his way. "If you're from Gordon Ramsay's duet. Welcome to Hell, we have cookies," he commented on his video. Wondering what Ramsay's issue was with this newfangled Wellington? It all started with the puff pastry crust.

Ramsay's emphatic commentary on 'weef bellington,' explained

It was obvious from the get-go that Ramsay's opinion of weef bellington wasn't going to be positive, as he stamped his TikTok with the words "Ruined Wellington." Plus, he immediately reacted to Calabro's opening with, "What the weef are you talking about?" He was then quickly horrified by the oven-baked, rolled up puffed pastry that served as the inside-out Wellington's interior, saying that it looked "terrible" and "like a sausage roll with no filling."

Ramsay, further horrified by the process, repeatedly asked, "Where's your filet?" since a classic Wellington consists of beef tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry. Once Calabro finally brought out the beef, however, Ramsay likely wished he'd never brought it up; to his utter disbelief, the thinly pounded beef was cut "lattice-style" and used to cover the pastry concoction. Calabro then blowtorched the weef bellington after cooking it in the oven. To that, Ramsay screamed, "Oh, you've torched it. You've screwed my Welly!" Though one commenter told Calabro they would try the bellingtonĀ "in a heartbeat," it's safe to say that Ramsay will never give it a go.