Wolfgang Puck Just Revealed His Favorite Savory, Egg-Free Breakfast

If you have a busy morning but want to grab something to eat, you can quickly throw together a breakfast sandwich to eat on the go. If you don't like or can't eat eggs, then breakfast sandwiches might not work since scrambled eggs are often one of the main ingredients. While you might also check out an article on breakfast recipes for when you're not in the mood for eggs, sometimes you might just feel the need to consult celebrity chefs for their recommendations.

That opportunity knocked when Wolfgang Puck posted a TikTok video in which he asks his followers whether they prefer sweet or savory breakfasts. The video includes an omelet getting cut in two and pancakes being tantalizingly drizzled with syrup. Commenters seemed a bit split about whether savory or sweet breakfasts reign supreme, but some folks couldn't get over how good they thought the food looked. One person said, "I definitely didn't just watch this 4 times over." Another person wrote, "Those eggs look absolutely perfect." But one user didn't see an immaculate omelet. Instead, they seized what turned out to be a perfect opportunity to ask Puck about an eggless breakfast option.

Puck is a fan of yogurt with pepper and oil

In the comments of Wolfgang Puck's recent TikTok video, user @unicorns_and_coffee asked, "Can you pretty please share your favorite savory breakfast that doesn't include eggs? They kill my stomach and I'd love to see what you would eat!" Luckily, Puck left an answer, and his favorite savory breakfast is yogurt with olive oil and black pepper.

Many yogurt breakfasts lean on the sweet side, especially if you like to top your yogurt with fruit, granola, honey, or chocolate chips. But Puck's savory take might be familiar to fans of the shopping network HSN, where he has marketed his aromatic yogurt maker. In one segment (via YouTube), the chef shared that while he might make yogurt with marmalade or caramel, he prefers the plain stuff topped with olive oil, pepper, and salt. He recalled enjoying that combo immensely while in Greece.

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