Breakfast Recipes For When You're Not In The Mood For Eggs

Some may say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Does that mean you absolutely have to kick it off with a plate of eggs? For many people, making eggs in the morning may not be an option. If you're busy with work or trying to get out the door, fiddling with a frying pan can be a time-consuming task. Others simply don't want to be eating eggs all the time, whether that's due to a diet decision or just plain taste.

Whatever the case may be, you'll be relieved to discover that you don't have to make eggs in the morning in order to have a delicious and fulfilling breakfast. In fact, there are a ton of different breakfast options for you to try. Here at Mashed, we've collected some of our favorite non-egg breakfast recipes so you can whip up the breakfast spread of your dreams.

Whether you need something easy that will help you get out the door quickly, or you're willing to spend more time making a luxurious weekend breakfast, you are going to love these delicious ideas. Turn on your coffee pot, and let's get cooking.

Oatmeal pancakes

For those who have always made pancakes straight from the box, it may be hard to believe that you have everything you need to make this delightful breakfast treat in your kitchen. These oatmeal pancakes only require a few ingredients — including oats — and you may be able to make them tomorrow morning without a grocery store run. Since they come together so quickly, you can make them on any day of the week — especially if you're living that work-from-home life.

Apple cinnamon muffins

For families that are really busy and always on the go, sitting down at the table for breakfast may be unattainable. Instead, you need something tasty that you can grab and take with you. That's why we're such big fans of this recipe for apple cinnamon muffins. They're pretty much the best way to start your day. And since they're filled with real apples and oats, you'll feel like you're getting something that's healthy and filling. 

What more could you want in a quick and easy breakfast? Make them the night before for a super seamless morning.

Biscuits and gravy

Whether you're from the South or not, you have to admit that biscuits and gravy are downright delicious. It's one of the heartiest breakfasts you can possibly make, and it doesn't involve any eggs. Since it's something the whole family will enjoy, you should definitely try making it on a weekend morning. Need help putting it all together? Just check out our delicious biscuits and gravy recipe that only takes 20 minutes. You'll be sitting down to a warm, comforting breakfast in no time.

Coffee cake

You may not want to eat cake for breakfast every morning, but on some special occasions, you totally can. And there's no better cake for breakfast than this delicious coffee cake. Yes, it does pair perfectly with coffee, which is why it will always be one of our favorites. That's largely because it's pretty sweet, which complements the bitterness of your cup of joe. The crumb topping of this cake makes it look fancy, too, which means that you can serve it up when friends or family come over for brunch.

Copycat Cracker Barrel biscuits

Are you a Cracker Barrel fan? You'll often find them just off the exit of the highway, and they provide a shopping and dining experience all in one. They're known for their tasty breakfasts, which often come with a buttery biscuit. If you can't get enough of Cracker Barrel's warm biscuits and wish you could experience that flavor in your own home, you're in luck. 

Try whipping up these copycat Cracker Barrel biscuits. They seriously taste like the real deal. And the best part? They're incredibly quick and easy to make. It only takes 20 minutes overall to get them on the table.

Overnight oats

Some people want to wake up and grab their breakfast right away. They don't want to do any more work in the morning than they have to. We really don't blame them, and that's why we love this recipe for overnight oats so much. You put all the ingredients together in a jar at night, and when you wake up, you'll be ready to grab breakfast right away. This is another versatile recipe that you can customize according to your taste. Make it as sweet as you'd like, and feel free to add fruit, nuts, seeds, and more to the mix.


Usually, if you want a bagel, you probably reach for a plastic bag of the things. But is that the best way to go? Of course, a bakery bagel is usually going to be better. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have that bakery-fresh taste in the comfort of your own home? You can when you follow our bagel recipe. It's going to take a few hours to get these bagels to come together, but when they do, you're going to see that all that time was totally worth it.


What is congee, might you ask? Well, it's a rice porridge that's common in China and other parts of Asia. It's also super versatile. Once you figure out how to make the base, you can pair it with all kinds of veggies and proteins to get your morning off to a great start. Plus, it's surprisingly easy to make, provided you have a bit of rice lying around. 

Check out our congee recipe so you can see how it's done. Then, feel free to add whatever toppings sound best to you. Our advice? You can't go wrong with some scallions, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil.


When you want to get your day off to a fancy-feeling start, you can't go wrong with a fresh platter of crumpets. These might seem intimidating to make at first, but once you read through the recipe and get a hang of it, you'll see that it's probably a lot easier than you initially assumed. There's some prep time involved, and when you're finished with that, these breakfast treats cook up quickly. This is the kind of recipe that will impress your friends, so feel free to pull it out the next time you host brunch at your house.