Stasher Bag's Microwave Popcorn Hack Changes Everything

Popcorn is always a delicious treat, but it's surprisingly complex stuff for a bunch of puffed-up corn kernels. After all, that delicious movie theater popcorn hides a lot more secrets than you might assume and, of course, actually making the snack can seem like a chore — that is, unless you opt for easy-peasy microwave popcorn. While that still leaves you open to plenty of mistakes everyone makes when making popcorn, at least the basic process is as simple as tossing a bag in the microwave. 

Though the main problem with microwave popcorn is its packaging. Single serve bags pile up over time, and a popcorn-loving household may very well end up creating a pretty hefty mound of them over the course of a year. Fortunately, there's a solution that eliminates all that extra waste from the popcorn experience. All you need is a Stasher Bag — or another reusable silicone food baggie — and some ingenuity. Let's take a look at Stasher Bag's microwave popcorn hack that changes everything. 

Making microwave popcorn in a Stasher Bag is quick, tasty, and trash-free

According to the handy trick Stasher Bag posted on Instagram, you can use one of its products to make delicious, easy, waste-free microwave popcorn. All you need to do is put half a cup of kernels in a Stasher Bag that fits in the microwave, add some oil, shake well, leave a small crack in the seam for venting purposes, and then microwave the whole thing. After two or three minutes, voilá — you just made popcorn in a Stasher Bag. It's not even too messy, seeing as the company helpfully notes in the comments that the endlessly reusable bag is super easy to clean in a dishwasher, or with soap and water.

When Stasher Bag posted its genius trick for making popcorn, the crowd went wild. "BRB, ordering 5 more of these bags!" user @coachlillideering commented. "I didn't know you could put these in microwave! Good demo video," @chrystalcwarner enthused, complete with a happy emoji. Self-admitted popcorn enthusiast Ashley Abramson of Kitchn has also taken the Stasher Bag hack for a spin, and she was happy to report that it works. However, she did note that the bag is very hot when it comes out, so that's something to keep in mind.