Del Taco's New Drink Flavors Show The Boba Trend Isn't Going Away

When that thirst hits, boba tea can offer some bursting refreshment. In a recent Del Taco announcement, the quick service restaurant brand shared that it is expanding its boba beverages to include two new fusion flavors. As FoodBeast reported in 2020, the popular fast food company was the first to offer beverages inspired by bubble tea on its menu. When launched, the price was considered more cost-effective than other specialty beverages. In addition, when the company expanded the beverage line in 2021, Tim Hackbardt, Chief Marketing Officer at Del Taco commented in a company statement that because of "its viral popularity and uniqueness to our category, we knew we wanted to bring it back and share new ways for our guests to experience Poppers."

The blend of flavorful drinking experience and cost-effective menu options seems to be key for the restaurant chain. The recent beverage announcement was part of the Del Taco 20 under $2 menu expansion. Given that rising food costs predicted by the USDA could impact people's spending habits, focusing on value menu offerings may give the brand leverage within the quick service restaurant space. For the consumer who is craving boba but would prefer to leave money in the wallet, it appears that Del Taco could be the refreshing answer.

Del Taco's new Poppers flavors are bursting with tropical flavors

While Del Taco might have been the first quick service restaurant to jump on the boba bandwagon, the brand isn't letting its beverage options go flat. As shared by ChewBoom, the two new boba flavors are Purple Pear Lemonade Poppers and Purple Pear Sprite Poppers. Both beverages feature "kiwi fruit flavored popping pearls" combined with prickly pear flavors. The primary difference is that the Sprite beverage has a carbonated element.

According to a recent Reddit post, early reviews are mixed. One user was overall pleased with the beverage and said, "It was refreshing and not too sweet." Other commenters had frustration over the boba falling to the bottom of the cup, especially when covered with the ice. The Del Taco boba beverages are priced at $1.99 for a 16 oz or $2.99 for a 24 oz option. Given that Full Coffee Roast suggests that boba tea prices typically range from $3-$5, the Del Taco option seems to be cost-effective. Whether guests make a purchase based on flavor, value, or something else, the Del Taco Poppers are a refreshing beverage that is bursting the bubble on cheap and flavorful fast food menu choices. The two beverages are around for a limited time, per the press release.