Del Taco Debuts '20 Under $2' Value Meals

While fast-food chains have long been known for offering quick and cheap bites, there's no denying that fast-food prices have been going up, per Fast Company. In the same vein, you may have noticed that dollar menus have been disappearing across the country. While this is true at some restaurants, Del Taco is still offering plenty of affordable options for savvy customers. In fact, Del Taco just launched a 20 Under $2 value menu, as reported by Nation's Restaurant News. As its name suggests, the menu includes a long list of items for no more than $2.

Tim Hackbardt, chief marketing officer of Del Taco, said in a statement, "We know our guests are concerned about rising gasoline prices and overall inflation, and that's why we think this is the right menu at the right time." Here's what you'll be able to order from the chain's newly expanded value menu.

What's on Del Taco's 20 Under $2 value menu?

You can check out the 20 Under $2 menu on Del Taco's website, but keep in mind that the specific items may vary by location. Of course, there are a few tacos on the lineup, such as the crispy chicken tacos and the Chicken Del Carbon Taco. Other options include a bean and cheese burrito, a Crunchtada tostada, nachos, and donut bites.

The chain also has a few new items that will be a part of the 20 Under $2 value menu. These include the crispy chicken tacos and Chicken Del Carbon Taco mentioned above — but with the addition of guacamole without going above the $2 mark. If you need a drink to wash down your food, check out Del Taco's mini milkshakes or Sprite with real strawberries added to the soda. And in case you have money to spare, Nation's Restaurant News reports that new items not on the value menu are the stuffed quesadilla breakfast tacos and a pair of minty milkshakes.