Instagram Is Impressed With Martha Stewart's Lavish New Pool 'Pavilion'

Celebrities in specific niches often show how they spend their money to support their craft. For example, Ina Garten has taken fans inside her gorgeous barn where she not only films "Barefoot Contessa" but also hosts parties and patio dinners (via CheatSheet). And Food Network chef Molly Yeh purchased a high-quality pizza oven to better hone her pie-baking skills.

Martha Stewart, who is known to some as a lifestyle queen, has been cooking and decorating for decades. Because of this, Stewart has plenty of product lines, from bakeware to outdoor furniture. And when it comes to hosting her own events, she spares no detail or expense to create the perfect oasis.

Stewart recently took to Instagram to share with fans how her new outdoor pavilion is coming along. In fact, fans were impressed with the lifestyle guru's newest home renovation project, with many taking to the comments section to express their thoughts on Stewart's design.

Martha Stewart's new pool pavilion is perfect for parties

Martha Stewart has a home fit for a queen — what her home kitchen is really like may surprise you — so her new backyard structure shouldn't come as a surprise. Stewart's Instagram post highlighted the new space, which she referred to as her "pool pavilion." The massive stone structure houses a dining table that appears to seat nearly two-dozen guests. Hanging plants fall between the columns for a pop of color and a touch of life and depth.

"The pool 'pavilion' where we will have dinners and parties and cookouts by the pool," Stewart's caption reads. "This was built during the pandemic and despite lumber shortages, labor challenges etc. it turned out very well."

Naturally, fans expressed their love for the structure in the comments. "Love this! Just beautiful!" one user wrote. "Martha please host me and show me your ways," another fan commented. Meanwhile, a third user added, "Looks amazing, I love the combination of stone and wood."

Other fans complimented Stewart's choice for hanging plants, and plenty of people made jokes about being invited to Stewart's first dinner party in the new space. We're waiting for our invite as well.