The Secret To Danny Trejo's Guacamole - Exclusive

What does Machete snack on when he's taking a break from being a fierce superhero? Guac of course! In fact, one of the reasons that you're now seeing Danny Trejo plastered all over Tostitos bags may be because he declares their scoops are perfect for eating the dip."They're really easy — you get a whole lot of guacamole, and you don't have to worry about breaking your chip," Trejo raved to Mashed in an exclusive interview. The actor also proclaimed that Tostitos have "just the right amount" of salt to go with guacamole — which, as he told Mashed, is one of his preferred on-set snacks.   

Trejo grew up eating good food and opened up his popular food outpost Trejo's Tacos in honor of his mom. (As the actor recounts in his cookbook, his mom was "a killer cook" who could make leftovers "out of the cupboard" into ambrosia.) So, take it from him — when Trejo says that he knows the secret to a good guac, he's as earnest as Isador "Machete" Cortez battling his way through Mexico to stop a nuclear armageddon.

Danny Trejo's guac recipe uses one special ingredient

Let us not forget Trejos Tacos had Anthony Bourdain's stamp of approval. Perhaps that's because Trejo — who swore to Mashed that he's taste-tested every single menu item — has spent a lot of time contemplating what makes his dishes stand out. Guacamole is no exception. As the actor rhapsodizes in his cookbook, "It's all about contrasting flavors and textures." Add salt and lime to your avocados, and you've got a "tangy," "rich," and "kind of salty sweet" side dish. Welcome to Guacamole Making 101.

Want the MasterClass? Add some zing to your avocado, Trejo shared. "We use serrano peppers instead of the jalapeño," the actor exclusively revealed to Mashed, "[That] makes it a little spicy, but not biting." Trejo won't let in on his exact recipe, however. "It's delicious, and if I tell you, I'd have to kill everybody!" he said (machete not in hand).

Pair your guacamole, as Trejo does, with Tostitos. In his second year working with the brand, Trejo is joined by fellow remix master Sofia Reyes to inspire fans to blend their unique styles for Cinco de Mayo and summer fiesta festivities. Tostitos has also teamed up with Millennial Loteria to bring the classic "Mexican Bingo" game to TikTok. For official rules and how to enter, visit To learn more about Fiesta Remix, head to or follow Tostitos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.