The Time Tiffani Faison Put Cool Whip In Fettuccine Alfredo

Cooking is one of those activities that can give us instant gratification. Pop some popcorn, add a little butter and salt, and your taste buds can't get enough of it. Bake a cake, frost it with some creamy frosting, and your sweet tooth is quickly satiated. But just as easily as cooking can lead to gluttonous satisfication, it can also lead to some wicked but oh-so memorable mishaps. 

Let's face it: Cooking disasters happen, even when you've reached celebrity chef status. Rachael Ray accidentally set a celeb chef's kitchen on fire. We're not naming names, but it was Emeril Lagasse's kitchen (via YouTube). And then there was that time when Bobby Flay confessed to Jimmy Fallon how a 1994 dish he created called lobster and duck paella was an absolute mess of "mushy rice" (via Eater).

Well, now it's Bravo's "Top Chef" contestant Tiffany Faison's turn in the culinary confessional and the kitchen escapades from her youth may have produced one of the funniest cooking catastrophes we've heard. Faison grew up in a military family and was no stranger to frequent moves and new schools, according to Boston Magazine. While cooking was not necessarily on her radar when she was younger, one of Faison's first cooking experiences was actually a failed collab with her younger brother. The two siblings were hoping to create a delicious meal for their parents, per Unfortunately, a frozen whipped topping found its way into their pasta dish.

Cream and whipped cream offer different tastes in dishes

For Tiffani Faison, using Cool Whip in a pasta dish proved less than delicious. "My worst culinary creation was a fettuccini alfredo my brother and I attempted to make for our parents when we were kids," she revealed to Restaurant Hospitality. "The recipe called for heavy whipping cream, so naturally we used Cool Whip. The look on my mom's face was priceless." 

Our inner child definitely sees how Faison could make such a hilarious mistake. In a Food Network video, Faison further shared that they wound up having pizza instead. Sounds like the perfect first step into the cooking world to us. After all, as Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan said, "Success is not a good teacher. Failure makes you humble" (via Youtube).

According to Boston Magazine, Faison eventually found herself on a path that led her to the culinary world. It may have started with making milkshakes at a diner where Faison only made $30 a day and admittedly went home smelling of sour milk, but she didn't stop there. Faison eventually went on to work for chef Todd English, which really propelled Faison's career forward. Today, while she may not be adding Cool Whip to fettuccine alfredo, she is definitely a restaurateur force in the Boston community.