Rachael Ray Accidentally Set This Celeb Chef's Kitchen On Fire

Rachael Ray has definitely had her fair share of mishaps in the kitchen. Per "The Rachael Ray Show," the celebrity chef readily admits, "Anyone who works in a kitchen for — in my case, 40 years, of course — you cut yourself, you burn yourself." Label it a hazard of the job because, as the "30 Minute Meals" host once explained, "I've cut and burned myself a thousand times. It's just one of the laws of averages when you work around flames and sharp objects your whole life." 

Ray has built a brand on how down to earth and relatable she is. From her love of animals, to sharing how to create delicious dinners in 30 minutes, Ray has proven time and time again that she understands her audience. This is never more true than when she shares her culinary mishaps. They happen to the best of us, but Ray tells hers with the same flare with which she cooks, producing an oh so good tale you cannot help but want more — including the time she accidentally set this chef's kitchen on fire. To be fair, according to ORR Safety, two-fifths of fires start in the kitchen, specifically while food is cooking. In fact, 44% of home fires start this very way. Who was the chef and did he or she get upset?

Rachael Ray set Emeril Lagasse's kitchen ablaze

In her book "Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life: A Cookbook," Rachael Ray recalls, "I did set Emeril Lagasse's kitchen on fire my first day of taping at Food Network kitchens. I was shooting a pilot for '30 Minute Meals' and I was nervous, so I kept asking questions and I failed to notice the production staff preheating my pans for a really long time. BIG flames! " Ray reunited with Lagasse during a cooking segment, where she humorously shared further details of this story, noting that, "When I went to put oil in the pan, huge flames shot up." Lagasse laughed and said, "I love it." So, clearly there are no hard feelings between the two cooking celebs.

But this isn't the only time Ray caused a fire on a Food Network set. In another episode of her show, Ray went to check a dish cooking in the oven only to return to her stove top where she left a towel too close to the burners. Of course, it had caught on fire. The cookbook author handled it like the boss she is, however, saying with a chuckle, "Look you guys, look. Um, note to self, don't put your kitchen towel too close to the stove." Note taken.