Read This Before Trying Dutch Bros.' First Energy Drink

Dutch Bros. Coffee has established quite a name for itself in terms of its espresso products. In fact, the Oregon-based coffee company utilizes a three-bean blend from Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador, according to its website, with some of Dutch Bros. most popular menu items including its Dutch Freeze and Nitro Cold Brew, which people love for its foamy finish on top.

However, the coffee chain will be rolling out its own energy drink beverage this summer. Other coffee chains, notably Starbucks, have rolled out energy drinks in the past, so this doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Dutch Bros. has always been likened to the leading coffee company, with consumers frequently comparing the brands' products in terms of both taste and quality (via Coffee Geek TV).

Now, the West Coast chain has a product to rival Starbucks' BAYA Energy Drink line, which is sold in cans and contains 160 milligrams of caffeine (via Starbucks). In fact, the High Dive Rebel Drink has already been launched in stores. Here's what customers need to know before getting their hands on the new beverage.

The beverage perfectly encapsulates summer

Unlike Starbucks' Baya Energy Drink, Dutch Bros. will sell its own version in stores.

The High Dive Rebel Drink contains peach, pomegranate, and a mixture of passion fruit, guava, orange, and pineapple, which is also known as the chain's Tropical Fruit flavor blend. It's served cold, and the company describes it by saying, "If summer as a drink," on its Instagram. According to Brand Eating, it also comes in a non-caffeinated version for those who simply want to try the new beverage for its taste. Furthermore, customers can get this product in a standard iced version or try it as a blended variety for a slushy consistency. This makes the High Dive Rebel extremely customizable.

However, Starbucks does have a leg up in terms of its product accessibility, as Dutch Bros. is primarily located on the West Coast (via Dutch Bros.). Furthermore, it is unclear if this drink will make an appearance in stores again after the summer, as it's currently marketed as a limited-edition product.