25 Best Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks: Freezes, Frosts, And More Ranked

If you're on the East Coast, brands like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee are likely what you think of when a chain coffee shop comes to mind. But if you're lucky enough to live on the West Coast, you have another option available to you: Dutch Bros. The company was started in 1992, so it admittedly hasn't been on the scene for very long. But those who love it will tell you that it's the best chain coffee shop around.

Because of the hype, we wanted to take a closer look at the chain's menu and figure out what was worth trying and what was better to leave in the dust. Therefore, we've done some research and put together this ranking of some of the most popular items on the Dutch Bros menu. While this doesn't cover absolutely everything the company sells, it'll still give you a good idea of what you should order the next time you're there. We'll start with the worst and make our way down to our favorites.

25. Ninja Dutch Frost

Dutch Bros isn't your average coffee shop. While it offers a lot of drinks you might expect to see at a java joint, it also sells products you may not be used to seeing at your local Starbucks. One of those products? The Dutch Frost. This menu item is the company's take on a classic milkshake. While the Dutch Frost comes in several flavors, the worst of the worst is surely the Ninja Dutch Frost.

This menu item combines creme de menthe with white chocolate, which should basically be a crime. The white chocolate is way, way too sweet — so much so that you might even get a toothache from sipping on this stuff. But it's an abomination in our books to have a mint-flavored dessert without any real chocolate in the mix. It's a horrible combination of flavors, frankly, and it makes us wish we'd never taken a sip in the first place.

Take our word for it: If there's any menu item you're going to avoid at Dutch Bros, make it this one.

24. Peach Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink

Need some energy but don't feel like drinking coffee? That's a totally valid feeling, and perhaps that's why Dutch Bros decided to come out with their line of Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks. Sure, they might taste more like juice than coffee, but they're packed with enough caffeine to help you get through the day. Sounds great, right? In theory, yes. But in practice ... well, we think there are better energy drinks out there, especially when it comes to the peach Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink.

You know how peach flavoring goes. It's often so artificial-tasting that nobody in their right mind would think of an actual peach after taking a sip, and that's definitely what's happening with this energy drink. It's also too sweet, and the last thing most people really want when they're downing a lot of caffeine is too much sugar. The taste is just way too aggressive overall and we couldn't really enjoy more than a few sips before we got sick of it. Try one of the other Dutch Bros Rebel flavors instead.

23. Cotton Candy Dutch Frost

Unfortunately for the Dutch Frost, another amongst its ranks has ended up among the worst items on the menu. This time, it's the Cotton Candy Dutch Frost. If you think that this dessert sounds overly sweet right off the bat, you're not wrong. And it makes sense — what adult actually likes cotton candy anyway? After all, it's nothing more than sugar with a bit of dye and flavoring added. But when you realize what's going on in this drink, it'll make you want to down it even less.

The flavor is a combination of blue raspberry and white chocolate. Yes, you heard that right. Somebody actually thought it was a good idea to pair these two wildly disparate flavors together. They are totally incongruent, resulting in a sugary, overwhelming taste that you'll want to get out of your mouth as soon as you take the first sip. If the unnatural color doesn't turn you off immediately, we're almost certain that the first tooth aching sip will. Our advice? You'd be wise to pass this one up.

22. Electric Berry Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink

As you can see, we're not huge fans of the Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks, which is why the Electric Berry flavor is also ranked so poorly. The first thing you'll notice when you order this drink is the excessively bright color. It comes out in a blindingly green hue that's less reminiscent of a Mountain Dew Baja Blast and more similar to the slime from Nickelodeon game shows in the '90s. Its ultra-bright, dark green color will immediately turn off most people who prefer real, natural tastes and who want to avoid a ton of food coloring.

The flavors themselves aren't as terrible as you might expect just from looking at it. Blue raspberry and lime come together for a refreshing but otherwise too sweet combination. It's not as bad as the peach flavor, but we still wouldn't recommend it to anyone who actually wants to enjoy their caffeine delivery drink. When something looks this unappetizing, you shouldn't try to force it — just choose something else from the menu.

21. Caramelizer

You can grab a caramel mocha drink at most chain coffee shops. It's one of those more or less classic coffee offerings that has widespread appeal, especially among those who like their drinks on the sweeter side. But when it comes to the Caramelizer from Dutch Bros, we think that the sweetness has gone out of control. In its favor, the first thing you'll notice is the rich, delicious taste of the mocha. Unfortunately, that is quickly drowned out by a shocking amount of sugar (or at least, that's the way it tastes).

While we admit that this might be a good choice for those who like their drinks really, really sweet, we seriously think that this drink takes sugar to new and unasked-for heights, so we just can't get behind it. If you decide to order it for yourself, maybe just think of it as more of a dessert than a coffee. With that mindset, you may be able to enjoy it more. As for us? We'll save our teeth and just choose one of the more delicious items on the menu.

20. Double Rainbro Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink

We're sorry that we're dunking on the Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks so much. Admittedly, most of you may agree that quite a few energy drinks out there are kind of nasty (and not all that great for you anyway), so this isn't anything against Dutch Bros specifically. But unfortunately, we didn't like their Double Rainbro Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink much better than the others we've already mentioned. Perhaps that's because it still prominently features that same peach flavoring that we just can't enjoy because of its artificial taste. This drink goes further and mixes that peach flavoring with strawberry and coconut as well. As you might expect, that just adds more of that overwhelming sweetness to the mix.

When all these flavors are combined, you can't really pick them out individually. They kind of just mix together into one highly sweetened, vaguely fruity flavor. If you like ultra-sweet, extra-fruity, drinks, then this may just be the best way for you to get some caffeine in at the start of your day. But for us? Not the ideal drink.

19. Green Apple Smoothie

You may want to start your day off with a coffee most days, but there are other days when you want something that's going to be lighter and fresher. Maybe you just want to take a break from the caffeine, or maybe you are en route to a yoga class and just want to feel a bit healthier while you're doing your downward dog or mountain pose. When you're feeling that way, ordering a smoothie may just be the best move. And with several smoothies on the Dutch Bros menu, you might have a hard time choosing which one you want to get. However, we can tell you which one we think you definitely shouldn't order — the green apple smoothie.

There's a reason you don't see green apple smoothies on a regular basis, as it's simply not a great flavor or texture in a smoothie. This version wasn't quite as tart as we wanted it to be, and it's not really what we would describe as refreshing. If something brighter and lighter is what you're after, we would suggest one of the other smoothie options on the menu.

18. Tropical Tea

We don't know why Dutch Bros insists on what appears to be artificial coloring in so many of their drinks, but we're not into it. And that's part of the reason why the Tropical Tea didn't end up any higher on our list. While its name makes it sound good, that's far from the real reality of this drink. It's a bright aqua color that might make you want to send it back immediately. What grown-up wants to drink something that's so brightly colored and obviously full of artificial dyes?

The flavor combo doesn't make it much better, either. This drink combines flavors of passion fruit, coconut, and blue raspberry. As you might expect, this drink is also way too sweet. However, since it's mixed with tea, it's definitely not as strongly flavored as the energy drinks. Overall, it's definitely not the worst item on the menu, but since there are so many other teas available, we probably wouldn't bother with this one at all.

17. Americano

Sometimes, you just have to stick with the classics. Just because you're going out to a coffee shop and not brewing coffee at home doesn't mean that you necessarily want something that's over the top. If you're just looking for a simple cut of coffee, then you'll probably think about ordering the Americano. Obviously, you can't really go wrong with an Americano because it's just so simple. Choose to drink your coffee black, or opt for the Keto Americano, which adds heavy whipping cream to the mix.

While the coffee itself is pretty good, we couldn't rank this drink any higher because it's just so basic. Once you've had one Americano, you've pretty much had them all ... unless you run into a particularly bad or mind-blowingly good blend of beans. If that's what you want, go for it and order a cup. But if you're going to Dutch Bros anyway, you might as well choose something just slightly more interesting.

16. Dutch Cocoa

Whether you have a little one with you or you just know that you can't have any more caffeine for the day, the Dutch cocoa is a solid option on the Dutch Bros menu. It's basically the brand's chocolate milk that's been steamed and pumped up a bit with a specific flavoring. We'll be honest: Most of these flavors taste really similar, so whichever one you order, it's probably going to come out pretty much the same as the others.

Dutch cocoa is popular enough to come in around 30 flavors, which start with either regular chocolate milk or white chocolate milk with added flavors. Some even combine the two types of chocolate. This drink is perfect for warming you up on a chilly day and it's got an appropriate level of sweetness, which we appreciate. On the other hand, it's basically just hot chocolate, which means it's not really anything special. But when you want something that has basic appeal, this drink just makes sense. Plus, it won't make your anxiety spike from all the caffeine. Order it the next time you just want to warm up.

15. Kicker

We love it when you can find something simple at a coffee shop that's still different. Not everything needs to be over the top, after all. That's what's appealing about the Kicker, which is an Irish cream breve. Wondering what a breve is, anyway? It's essentially an American version of a latte. Instead of using milk, though, it uses half-and-half. This results in a richer, creamier texture and flavor that will have you coming back for more. And when you add in the Irish cream to the mix, it's clear why this one is a solid menu option.

We'll admit that it's not the most creative item on the menu, nor is it the most exciting. It's somewhat of a basic drink, but it comes with a unique spin that makes it worth checking out at least once. It's not our favorite coffee drink on the menu, but it's a safe choice when you don't know what else to order at Dutch Bros. Our verdict? It's definitely worth a try.

14. Double Torture

There are days when you wake up a little bit tired, have a single cup of coffee, and then simply get on with your day. Unfortunately, not every day is so easy. Sometimes, it takes a little bit more effort to get yourself out of bed and ready to work for the day. We totally understand that, since it happens to the best of us from time to time. But when that time comes, a little extra caffeine may be in order. That's where the ominously named Double Torture comes in.

Sound dangerous? Maybe a little. This drink is basically a vanilla mocha with an extra double shot. Yes, that means it's a little more intense than most of the other items on the menu, so keep that in mind if this is what you decide to order. While the flavor might still be a little sweet for our taste, that extra shot definitely provides a richer coffee flavor than encountered in some other Dutch Bros drinks. It is genuinely intense, though, so if you're not a coffee lover, it may not be for you.

13. Cold Brew

Who doesn't like cold brew coffee? Forget about your traditional hot coffee — we've moved on to a new era and now prefer our coffee cold. While iced coffee is usually just your normal, everyday coffee that's been chilled, cold brew is actually stronger, and a bit more expensive, than traditional coffee — that's why it's such a big hit. It also has a nice, mellow flavor that makes it less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee and super drinkable — which could be a dangerous combination depending on your caffeine tolerance. If you're looking for a delicious cold brew, you'll be happy to know that Dutch Bros has it.

You can get your cold brew in a lot of different flavors, though we think that it's best served plain and on its own. Why complicate something that's already so good? It may be a simple drink, but that's why it's so great for an everyday option. Grab some on your way to work in the morning, and you're almost guaranteed to have a good day.

12. Strawberry Lemonade

When you think about flavored lemonades, strawberry lemonade is often the first that comes to mind. It's a classic flavor that never gets old, and even stands out against other options, and Dutch Bros has plenty. With 30 different flavor combos available, sometimes simplicity still wins the day. This lemonade comes with strawberry syrup on top, drizzling down into the lemonade and turning it into a flavor delight.

If you didn't know already, you can ask for the strawberry lemonade to be blended, which turns it into the ultimate summer drink. Back in 2020, Dutch Bros offered a sunset mixer drink that combined a strawberry lemonade with coconut milk. Since the chain always has coconut milk available as a non-dairy milk option, you can still ask for a splash of it in your strawberry lemonade.

11. Annihilator

Ordering off the Classics Menu is always a good bet. They're not called classics without reason. While not everyone likes sweet, nutty coffee drinks, if you do, you'll want to give the Annihilator a try. The combination of espresso, chocolate, and macadamia nuts gives it a bold and bitter flavor profile. However, many folks like it because everything mixes so well together and the chocolate flavor isn't totally overwhelming.

Not everyone is a fan of the nutty flavor of macadamia nuts, which brings this drink a little lower on our list than some other classics. However, one nice thing about the Annihilator is that you can also order it with white chocolate instead of dark chocolate, which is slightly helpful if you are trying to cut back on your caffeine intake.

10. Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade

There are a lot of items on the Dutch Bros menu that sound refreshing, but once you actually take a sip, you'll realize they're anything but. However, when it comes to the strawberry pineapple lemonade, you're definitely getting what you signed up for when it comes to a refreshing beverage. Is it sweet? Of course — what lemonade isn't? But in this case, the sweetness really isn't too overwhelming. The strawberry and pineapple flavors are perceptible but not to the point where they knock you down. And we love the fact that the drink has a lovely pink shade that doesn't look too unnatural.

This drink is great for kids and adults alike. If it's a hot day and you're looking for a way to beat the heat with a drink, we think that this lemonade should be one of your top considerations when you take a trip to Dutch Bros. While there are other lemonade flavors to choose from on the menu, this one is our favorite.

9. Cocomo

Calling all coconut lovers! The Cocomo was basically designed just for you. This flavor combines coconut and mocha for an irresistible drink you'll want on the regular. While this is also a sweet drink, the sweetness level is definitely turned down a notch here, which we appreciate. It has that bit of sugar that enhances the flavor, but you won't feel like you're getting a toothache just from enjoying your coffee. There's only a slight chocolate flavor, but it pairs well with the light taste of the coconut. Overall, it's a great drink for the average coffee lover.

Like a lot of the drinks at Dutch Bros, you can get the Cocomo either hot or iced. Which one you ultimately decide on will probably depend a lot on the time of year you're drinking it and your own personal taste, but we think that the iced version is way better. If you like iced coffee, try it that way first and see what you think.

8. Aftershock Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink

It's no secret by now that we're not a huge fan of the energy drinks you'll find at Dutch Bros. But that doesn't mean we dislike them across the board. In fact, there's one Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink flavor we actually like quite a bit, and that's the Aftershock. It's a fantastic blend of flavors, especially if you prefer your fruity drinks on the tart side. This energy drink combines the flavors of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and lime to create a taste that's unlike the rest of the Dutch Bros Rebel line.

The blackberry and raspberry come together to provide that tartness that you're often craving when you order a cold drink. The strawberry comes in to offer a bit of sweetness, which makes it even more delicious. And let's face it: Lime makes pretty much everything taste better. When you combine it all together, it's no wonder the Aftershock is a success. While you can get this energy drink either iced or blended, the iced variety is better in our book.

7. OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda

There's no end to the Dutch Soda flavor combinations that you can get at Dutch Bros. The chain has over 30 specialty Dutch Soda flavor mixes with their own names. But if you're looking for one that is truly wow-worthy, that flavor is OG Gummy Bear. It's extremely fresh and fruity, made with pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, and grapefruit syrups. Interestingly enough, some people even detect peach among the fruity flavors in this drink even though it's not actually there. These sodas come with whipped cream, and you can also order them as a cream soda.

6. Mango Smoothie

When you're in the mood for a smoothie at Dutch Bros, the breadth of options available can be a little intimidating. While it's true that some smoothies on the menu just aren't good, there's one that rises above all the rest — the mango smoothie. You're going to love its bright orange color and tart taste. While we have to admit that this smoothie is definitely really sweet, we don't mind it too much in this case. That sugary sweetness is paired with just enough tart mango flavor to make the smoothie come together really well.

It's cool and refreshing, which is probably exactly what you're looking for from a smoothie. And you can either order a larger size and use it as a meal replacement or get a smaller one and enjoy it as a drink.

5. Passion Fruit Tea

Sometimes, you want a drink but can't be bothered with a coffee. If you're sensitive to caffeine or don't want something as heavy as a cup of Joe, you may be left wondering what you should order at Dutch Bros. One of the best options, in our opinion? The passion fruit tea. This tea has just the right amount of sugar in it, and the vaguely fruity taste made us want to go back for more. We also love the light green color and the fact that we could drink it without getting jittery.

You have the option of ordering this tea either iced or hot. We definitely think it tastes way better when it's iced, even in the winter, but the hot version in the colder months isn't bad either. Overall, this is a reliable standby for those who don't want coffee, with just enough flavor to keep you sipping until the last drop.

4. Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze

We'll go ahead and warn you now: This is one of the most indulgent items on the whole Dutch Bros menu. It's not something you'll want to have every day, but when you decide to treat yourself to it, it's something special. What is it? The Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze. Technically, this is more of a dessert in a cup than a coffee drink, but it'll still give you that caffeinated buzz you love. It all starts with cold blended espresso, after all. This coffee is stronger than you'd think, and we appreciate that it has plenty of body and richness to it.

However, don't think that this thing is lacking in the sugar department. It also boasts a caramel and chocolate drizzle, which adds quite a bit of sweetness to the mix. With the whipped topping on top, it's clear that this drink is not for the faint of heart. While there are other Dutch Freezes to choose from, this one is the most over the top — and also the most delicious. Give it a try when you want to order something special from Dutch Bros.

3. Nitro-Infused Cold Brew

Can you ever achieve the perfect balance between simplicity and creativity, tradition and innovation? If we're talking about drinks at Dutch Bros, apparently, the answer is yes. Enter their nitro-infused cold brew. While the regular cold brew at Dutch Bros is good, it doesn't even come close to the masterpiece that is the nitro-infused stuff. Instead of getting an average cup of iced coffee, this drink instead comes out with a lovely layer of thick foam on top thanks to nitrogen that's been added to the mix, which will add even more texture and overall enjoyment to your coffee-drinking experience. The flavor is smooth and creamy, which will make your coffee go down easily until the very last step.

You can get the nitro-infused cold brew with a ton of other flavors added into the mix, and they're definitely worth a try if you want to add some extra sweetness. However, we believe that the original is perfect just how it is ... and we think you'll agree, too.

2. Golden Eagle chai

Dutch Bros has half a dozen types of chai available at any given time, so it can be difficult to choose. We suggest trying the one that seems to have made the most people happy and is most talked about among fans — the Golden Eagle chai. The Golden Eagle chai is extremely indulgent because, unlike the others, it's made with half-and-half instead of milk. While the half-and-half will add on some calories, you won't even care because it's the creamiest and tastiest chai option.

The caramel sauce and vanilla syrup combine to make it extra sweet, but that's kind of part of the Dutch Bros experience. One sip, and you're going to be hooked and think about ordering it often. You can get it iced, but it's also available hot to fit your mood.

1. Golden Eagle

The best drink at Dutch Bros is unquestionably the Golden Eagle. There are so many different flavors and customizations possible at Dutch Bros that most customers' favorites are going to be something you've never tried before. However, there are a few Dutch classics that are always worth trying, unless you don't like sweet drinks. The Golden Eagle is a drink that seems to be a universal favorite and keeps people coming back for more. Vanilla and caramel always play well together.

The Golden Eagle is a breve, so all that half-and-half instead of milk makes it extra creamy and crave-worthy. If lactose isn't your friend, you can order it with non-dairy milk instead, and it's still a tasty treat. The espresso gives it boldness, while the vanilla syrup and caramel sauce combine to make the perfect sweet and mellow flavor combination. You can order it iced, blended, or piping hot, and it comes with whipped cream and an extra drizzle of caramel sauce on top.