The Untold Truth Of Dutch Bros Coffee

Founded in 1992, Dutch Bros Coffee was dreamt up by two brothers of Dutch descent named Dane and Travis Boersma. Today, the company, which is based in Grants Pass, Oregon, is considered to be the largest, privately-owned drive-through coffee company in America, with more than 400 locations throughout the Western United States (via Dutch Bros Coffee).

At the beginning, Dane, 38 and Travis, 21, thought they could take over the family dairy business, but their plan didn't work out due to tough farming conditions in the late '80s and early '90s. Travis' idea of an espresso cart took some convincing with brother Dane, but once he was on board, Dane created ambitious goals for the company, which are still followed today. Dane died in 2009, after a four-year battle with Lou Gehrig's disease, and the company celebrates his life each year with an annual "Drink one for Dane" event, with proceeds going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (via Portland Business Journal).

The menu offers way more than coffee

According to the company, the coffee at Dutch Bros Coffee is roasted, blended, ground, and pulled by hand. But, if you aren't in the mood for coffee, there are plenty of other choices on the menu, including chai, energy drinks, smoothies, and nearly 100 varieties of the popular Dutch Frost, the company's take on a milkshake. "Secret menus items" for Dutch Bros Coffee are featured in lists all over the web, but many of the items are actually already listed on the permanent menu. Not so secret anymore.

A writer at Odyssey says you'll pay cheaper prices for bigger sizes at Dutch Bros Coffee if you're trying to choose between them and the coffee competition. She gives some of her top menu picks, calling special attention to the White Chocolate Annihilator (a breve with flavors of which chocolate and chocolate macadamia nut), Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee (made with white coffee and featuring the flavors of strawberry and hazelnut), and Cherry Starburst Rebel (an energy drink that mimics the taste of Starburst candy).

Only current employees can open new stores

Dutch Bros Coffee has made a rare and unique decision to only offer franchise opportunities to its existing employees. The company says that it wants to grow the company via people who are already committed to Dutch Bros Coffee and its values. The cost of opening a franchise, income required, and profits reaped, are unknown due to this decision (via Franchise Help).

The drive-through coffee chain is also known for its paid college internships, with postings that go online in March and start being filled for the summer. Dutch Bros Coffee internship opportunities change each year, depending on which departments may need help, and the length of internships range from eight to 12 weeks (via Dutch Bros Coffee). In addition to supporting its employees, the company believes in supporting its community. The Dutch Bros Foundation is the philanthropic department of the company. Over the years, corporate and franchise-owned stores have donated millions of dollars to deserving charities (via Dutch Bros Coffee).