Yes, Cup Noodles Really Dropped A Ramen-Inspired Makeup Collection

Over the years, cosmetics companies have found quite a bit of product inspiration in grocery aisles. Whether you favor high-brow department store brands or the more affordable drug store variety, you can rest assured that you'll come across a lipstick or eyeshadow named after food. After all, candy colors pop. Mangos, melons, berries, and citrus all possess fun and flirty hues and scents. And nothing conjures up an earthy tone faster than a moniker linked to coffee, spices, or the cocoa bean. 

Some makeup manufacturers like to venture beyond nature's food offerings and explore pop culture's epicurean treats — and the results can be quirky, fun, and more than a little surprising. One of the strangest food and beauty collabs was Glamlite's eyeshadow palette shaped like a pizza, which contained colors based on toppings like sausage, mushroom, and red onion. HipDot launched its Peeps makeup collection; Morphe came out with Lucky Charms-inspired beauty products; and e.l.f. Cosmetics collaborated with Dunkin'. HipDot's newest venture, however, may be the most surprising of all.

The collection celebrates Cup Noodles' 50th Anniversary

If you have ever looked at your makeup palette and felt it was sorely lacking in ramen-like hues, HipDot's newest release — a Cup Noodles makeup collab — will make you and your cosmetics case very happy. What inspired the noodle-based makeup collection? HipDot CEO Jeff Sellinger shared with Dieline, "Cup Noodles recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and we are so excited to expand our makeup collaboration portfolio with another cult-classic, household name in the food space." Yes, you can celebrate the birthday of this cup full of seasoned, brothy noodles by slapping on some makeup. 

Released mere days ago, this hot new collection includes three distinct offerings. You can get the Cup Noodles Pigment Palette ($26) of eight eyeshadow pigments, including Ramen Noodle, Diced Carrot, Roasted Corn, Soy Sauce, Seasoning, Hot & Spicy, Teriyaki, and Spicy Chile. The Cup Noodles Lip and Cheek Set ($22) boasts two liquid blush/lip duos and an illuminating highlighter. The lip/blush duos are in Sesame and Hot Sauce, while the highlighter comes in Lemon. The pièce de résistance is the HipDot x Cup Noodles Collectors Box ($58), which includes the pigment palette, lip and cheek set, a branded makeup bag, and chopsticks. Whether you long to play with some new makeup, match your face to your next meal, or pay homage to a nostalgic food from college, this new collab certainly evokes the original instant noodles in a cup.