Why Instagram Is Congratulating Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich might well be the smiling face of wholesome cooking shows. For years, she has connected with people through the screen, the page, and the plate as the award-winning host of "Lidia's Kitchen," a cookbook author, and a restaurateur (via Lidia's Italy). On her show, Bastianich teaches the viewers how to cook seasonal, inexpensive, and easy dishes, guiding us through all the steps and cooking techniques in the process, like an Italian nonna teaching the younger generations about all cooking-related things. 

Before "Lidia's Kitchen," the famous chef and TV host traveled through Italy to enjoy local dishes from Sicily, Rome, Naples, and Trieste for her show "Lidia's Italy," per TV Guide. She won an Emmy for the show in the category of Outstanding Culinary Host in 2013 (via IMDb). In May 2022, she posted on Instagram about another proud moment in a career defined by teaching and reaching people through food. Users offered their congratulations after seeing Bastianich's exciting caption and the photo that came with it. What is the reason for all those well wishes?

Lidia Bastianich got another Emmy nomination

In her Instagram post, Lidia Bastianich can be seen sitting at a table with a well-known wide smile on her face. In her left hand, she's holding a golden Emmy statue, reminding us that she had already won one. But there might be more golden statues coming her way. Bastianich says she's "honored to be nominated for an Emmy – and humbled to be included in such brilliant company." Her company in the Emmy Awards 2022 category of Outstanding Culinary Host includes Ina Garten for "Barefoot Contessa: Modern Comfort Food" and Frankie Celenza for "Struggle Meals," among others. She was also nominated for the honor last year and similarly announced it with humility and an acknowledgment of her fellow hosts on social media.

Instagram users happily told Bastianich that her nomination is "well deserved" and that her "wonderful cooking abilities coupled with great stories make [her] everyone's favorite." Another user suggested that there should be "an honorable mention for grandma's assistance," a possible reference to Bastianich's late mother, who often helped the host in her culinary adventures. Perhaps a fitting way to congratulate her for her good work would be to say her famous closing phrase: "Mangiare!" And if you're not that well-versed in Italian, here's what Bastianich's catchphrase really means.