Duff Goldman Shares His Favorite Family Recipe To Cook At Home - Exclusive

Duff Goldman is known as the master of creating elaborate cakes. His incredible work has been showcased on his hit Food Network show "Ace of Cakes" and, with each new offering, he continues to shock and awe with what he can do for desserts. Not to mention, the talent has hosted "Kids Baking Championship" as well as "Holiday Baking Championship" and "Spring Baking Championship," so Goldman certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to the sweet stuff.

But for this baking genius, it's not just all about the sugary treats. He's also a savory chef and loves to cook at home as well, as seen on his new show "Ace of Taste," whether he's sharing a great meal with his family or his community at large.

As he spends so much time in the kitchen, Mashed wanted to know what Goldman's favorite family recipe happens to be. And there's certainly one he loves to make time and time again, as he shared in an exclusive interview.

Duff Goldman really loves chicken soup

For many people, there's a special family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Often, it's something they grew up eating, which they now love to make for their own family.

For Duff Goldman, it's no different. "Living in a Jewish household, it's chicken soup," he told Mashed of his favorite family dish. "My mom taught me how to make chicken soup and since I became a chef, I've improved on it."

According to Goldman, he has implemented a few twists onto the original recipe. He shared he always roast the bones, which is something his mom never did before. "I squeeze them so my chicken soup is almost more like ramen broth. It's cloudy, it's thick, it's fatty," he said. Goldman also adds a little kick with a bit of heat. "A little cayenne feels good in your throat," he said. "It has a lot of flavor. It's really good. I make good chicken soup."

New episodes of Duff Goldman's show "Ace of Taste" air on Food Network every Sunday at 12:00 p.m. ET.