The Simple Advice Anne Burrell Has For Newbie Cooks - Exclusive

Another day, another meal to plan. Cooking and meal prepping can be exhausting, especially if it's not your area of expertise. Luckily, Anne Burrell knows a thing or two about cooking and is here to share some solid advice. The "Worst Cooks in America" judge is in her 24th season of the show, in which the most inexperienced chefs are featured making some pretty creative dishes.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Burrell dished all about the new '90s celebrity edition and some of the most outlandish dishes she has seen throughout the years. And truthfully, she has seen some pretty terrible cooks, to the point where she even joked that her husband could qualify for the series. So, when asked if there is any advice for people just learning how to make food, the Food Network star gave a solid and simplistic answer.

Her advice for newbies? Just follow the recipe

The first thing that came to Anne Burrell's mind regarding advice for newbie cooks was to find a recipe and stick to it. The food television personality explained, "When I don't know how to do something or I don't know how to get somewhere, I find directions for it. That's what a recipe is. It's a set of directions. Find a recipe, and read it all the way through so you don't run into something like, 'Alright, put the short ribs in the oven for three hours when you have people coming for dinner in 15 minutes.'" 

Burrell also suggested checking out all of the ingredients needed before you begin cooking. "Do all of your prep work ahead of time before you start," she advised. "Get all your cutting done, get all your measuring done, and then cooking becomes much [easier] and much less frantic [so] you're [not] like, 'Oh my God, where's this?'" The culinary whiz also recommended cleaning while you're cooking in order to avoid a large and overwhelming mess later on. As she said, "I'm all about a low-tech solution." Hopefully the contestants on this season of celebrity "Worst Cooks" follow some of these pointers. 

Check out the "Worst Cooks in America" website for more pointers. New episodes of "Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition: That's So '90s" air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Food Network.