Arby's Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most-Disliked Sandwiches

Arby's has found ways to upset its diners over the years. Spoon University noted that the fast food chain has offered customers less-than-stellar items over the years, including the turkey gyro, King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe sandwich, Smokehouse Brisket sandwich, and even Arby's Apple Crisp. On the other end of the ingredient spectrum, BNN Bloomberg wondered why Arby's sold lamb in the first place, considering 13% of Americans can't stand the protein.

One particular Arby's menu item disgusted patrons more than any other. In a recent Mashed poll, 37% of respondents noted that they couldn't stomach the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich, an Arby's offering that came with diced chicken, red grapes, apples, celery, pecans, lettuce, and honey wheat bread. Some hated it for the flavor, but others noted that the sandwich didn't even come with enough fillings. One Trip Advisor review took aim at the item, claiming Arby's seriously skimped on the fillings in the sandwich and further noting that it had an overall bland taste. 

The sandwich appears to come and go with the seasons, and with summer almost here, it looks like Arby's is bringing it back once more, even if it continues to beguile diners (via Thrillist).

The return of a notorious sandwich

Chew Boom reports that select Arby's locations across the country plan to carry the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich and all of its notorious fixins for a limited time. The sandwich returns with chicken, red grapes, apples, celery, pecans and mayonnaise, lettuce, and the same honey wheat bread that Arby's customers can't seem to get behind. Naturally, patrons can upgrade their sandwich experience to include Curly Fries or Crinkle Fries and a drink, or even round out their meal with the seasonal Orange Cream Shake, which is making its return at the same time.

Thrillist found that the individual sandwich goes for around $5.79, while the meal sells for $8.69. The sandwich's draw stems from the fact that it can allegedly help diners beat the heat, but how effective this is remains to be seen. The word's out on exactly how this sandwich will be received by customers this time, but at this rate, it looks like the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich may continue to upset them if Mashed's poll is accurate on a larger scale. However, on the brighter side, a fan-favorite deal returned to Arby's earlier this year.