This Fan-Favorite Arby's Deal Is Back On The Menu

Arby's has a catchphrase that's short, simple, and to the point: "We have the meats." And though the chain is known for its cold cut sandwiches, it actually does have more meats on the menu than just deli turkey, roast beef, and ham. In fact, it just brought back Arby's boneless wings, which were tested in December of 2020, and debuted as a limited-time menu option in October of 2021.

Now, the chain has brought boneless chicken wings back to its restaurants for a limited time yet again. They'll be available as part of a six-wing combo that comes with crinkle-cut french fries and costs $6, though customers will also have the option to upgrade to a nine-piece combo for $1 more (via ChewBoom). As in the past, the wings will be available in two flavors: Hot Honey or Buffalo. The Hot Honey Sauce is sweet, tart, smoky, and spicy, with notes of lime, and the Buffalo Sauce is a classic blend of hot cayenne pepper sauce and butter.

What are boneless wings, anyway?

Arby's returning chicken item is called boneless wings, but that's a bit of a misnomer. It's not actually made of chicken wings with the bones removed — according to Arby's, it's boneless wings are made with "all-white meat chicken in a crispy breading," making them more similar to chicken nuggets or chicken tenders than actual chicken wings. This is actually pretty common, and is how most boneless wings are made (via Bon Appétit).

What they do have in common with traditional bone-in wings are their crispy breading, saucy coating, and snackability. But they also share a lot in common with Arby's chicken nuggets, which are made of all-white meat chicken in a crispy breading (via Arby's). So, if someone wanted to try the boneless wings at Arby's but missed the window when they're available, a potential dupe would be ordering Arby's chicken nuggets and coating them in sauce at home.