Alton Brown Teases Big Format Change For Netflix's Iron Chef Reboot

Reboots have definitely been having a moment over the past couple of years. Shows like "Bel-Air" and "Friends: The Reunion" played into the nostalgia that we were all feeling from the pandemic — and still feel today. The food world is also about to take a trip down memory lane with a reboot of Food Network's "Iron Chef America," with a few key changes. "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" will premiere on Netflix on June 15 with a few familiar faces leading the show (via Entertainment Weekly).

Alton Brown has said "adieu for now" to Food Network to follow a franchise that means a lot to him. The infamous chairman, Mark Dacascos, is also returning because the show wouldn't be the same if it didn't start with him taking a giant bite of an apple (via YouTube). In a similar fashion to the original show, competitors will face off against five new Iron Chefs, whose identities have yet to be revealed (via Tudum). However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alton Brown did reveal one key change to the show that he is jazzed about.

Alton Brown will have a co-host for the first time

"Good Eats" star Alton Brown is used to being a one-man show, but he is embracing a change of pace for the reboot of "Iron Chef America" on Netflix. "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" will be co-hosted by "Top Chef" Season 10 winner Kristin Kish (via Entertainment Weekly). Although Brown and Kish may seem like an odd pairing, the "Cutthroat Kitchen" host told Entertainment Weekly that they make a great team. "We are better together than I ever was by myself, and that takes a lot for me to say," Brown told the outlet.

The celebrity chef added that Netflix's reboot will have more of a human element to it than the show that preceded it, which seems to be Kish's specialty."As a restaurant chef, she's really there to help communicate those stories, which is an added dimension that we really never had time to get into before," Brown further told Entertainment Weekly. 

Brown will have the same role as he did on the original show, communicating what the chefs are doing to the viewers and explaining the roles of ingredients that they may have never heard of before (via USA Today). Now, all that is left to be revealed is the five new Iron Chefs that will be introduced to viewers during the series premiere on June 15.