How You Should Be Roasting Peppers Over The Grill

When thinking of summer, things like long days on the beach, weekend getaways with friends, good drinks, and family vacations may come to mind. However, nothing says summertime quite like a great outdoor cookout. The enticing aroma of charcoal as it barbecues your favorite meat is enough to get you and your guests salivating for first dibs on the food. But if all your grilling this summer is reserved for meat, you are missing out on some delicious flavors. Some of our favorite foods to grill are vegetables like sweet potato and this grilled corn on the cob recipe

You can even enhance desserts and fruits like pound cakes, pineapples, and smores by giving them some time on the grill. With this in mind, one fruit that deserves special attention for its versatility on the grill is the bell pepper. According to People, chef Timothy Hollingsworth loves to cook his peppers with potatoes and grilled sausage. In contrast, another chef in San Francisco has created his own "lazy" approach that includes lemon zest and soy sauce (via The Mercury News). However, what if we told you that you might have been grilling them incorrectly? This new hack for roasting bell peppers will take your dishes to the next level.

The perfect method for roasting peppers

According to an article at Real Simple on grilling hacks, learning this new way to roast bell peppers is quick and easy, and it will inject a nice smoky flavor into whatever dish they are part of. Begin things by putting the peppers directly over the heat and allowing them to cook until every side is charred. Once they are done cooking, move the warm peppers into a bowl and cover them with saran wrap. 

You want to allow the peppers to cool off for a few minutes. This will allow the moisture between the pepper and the charred skin to soften, making it much easier to remove the pepper's skin by hand. That should come as a great relief to anyone who has burned their hands on a hot pepper before. When it comes to recipes where these peppers could shine, we recommend adding them to this grilled vegetable pasta salad recipe or this delicious smoked steak kabobs recipe.