Instagram Is Envious Of Ina Garten's French 'Breakfast Of Champions'

Instagram, along with most social media, is not a reflection of a person's entire existence, but rather (often carefully curated) snapshots of one's life. Although we know this, it's difficult not to envy Ina Garten. After all, there's her sprawling property, fabulous Hamptons parties, the luxurious "barn" for cooking and entertaining (via Oprah Daily), the admiration of millions of fans, and a staggering net worth of $60 million.

Another benefit of being Ina is traveling. Her Insta followers have been treated to scenes from her latest excursion in Paris, where she owns an apartment in a food-centric neighborhood in the city's 7th arrondissement. In a post just after arriving in the City of Light, Garten said it was her first trip to Paris in more than two years and added "For the next two weeks, I'll take you to some of my favorite places. Stay tuned." 

As promised, Garten has been posting about her escapades with husband Jeffrey, and one of her Parisian pics is sparking some serious envy amongst her followers. On what appears to be a small, round cafe table, Garten shares what looks like a delicious hot café au lait, two sliced baguettes with melting pats of butter, and some adorable and fancy-looking miniature jars of jams and jellies. 

The perfect Parisian morning meal

Ina Garten's Parisian breakfast photo is one of those snaps you can practically smell. She captioned it simply "Breakfast of Champions!" and included French flag emojis. If there is a breakfast that better exemplifies France, we can't think of it.

The jelly on the celebrity chef's table wasn't the only jelly to be found in the post. Jelly was all over the comments section as well. "This is just becoming cruel," "I'm so jelly!" and "Dang you're killing me here!" wrote some fans. Others just enjoyed living vicariously through Garten's travels. "Living for these posts! ... thank you for sharing your best spots," wrote one. Another commented, "you are living your best life! Thanks for taking us along with you for the ride!" Famous friends Michael Symon and Katie Couric chimed in, too, calling the meal "glorious" and "gorgeous."

Some followers asked the Barefoot Contessa to spill the tea and share the name of the eatery, but she didn't comply. However, in previous posts, she did ID the restaurants Café Varenne and Café de Flores.

One fan had offered an interesting suggestion of Ina "showing us France. Similar to Stanley [T]ucci ITALY ("Searching for Italy")." Our favorite comment though suggested this breakfast, plus a walk  "just to people watch and enjoy the architecture," would be "just perfect." We agree. Bon appétit, Ina!