Gordon Ramsay Is Celebrating A Record Milestone On TikTok

Gordon Ramsay has oodles of reasons to celebrate life. His achievements as a celebrity chef are astonishing. He is one of the world's most recognizable culinary faces with a massive restaurant empire, an impressive collection of popular television shows, a host of cookbooks, and a shocking net worth of roughly $220 million, per Wealthy Gorilla. His personal life is also worth a toast. He has been married to his wife, Tana, for over 25 years, and they have five children who are enjoying successes of their own (via Hello). He has even discovered that he has a secret sister from a past relationship of his father's. 

Yes, Gordon Ramsay appears to have the Midas touch, enjoying mind-blowing good fortune wherever he goes — even online. It turns out Ramsay is also a hot commodity in the social media realm. With 7.5 million Twitter followers, 23 million on Facebook, and 13.6 million devotees on Instagram, he has a huge audience willing to hang on his every word — and his most recent TikTok achievement is nothing short of historic.

Ramsay's reaction videos are popular with all ages

Ramsay recently tweeted that his TikTok account has become the U.K.'s most followed and that #ramsayreacts boasts 7.1 billion views. Yes, you read that right. It says "billion." The fact that Ramsay is 55 years old — practically prehistoric in the eyes of most TikTok users — makes this achievement more spectacular. According to Statista, users aged 10 to 19 make up the largest age group on TikTok, while users who are 55+ account for a mere 11% of its audience. Furthermore, a study in France showed that the average age for TikTok influencers is just 25. And yet, Gordon Ramsay is killing it on the platform used primarily by people less than half his age. 

It seems that his critiques of cooking videos resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether he's yelling at someone about adding salt to feta; bemoaning the use of a microwave; or telling someone who's making British fish and chips that they've never been to Britain, his rantings prove both entertaining and educational. Ramsay's rapier wit and mastery of sarcasm are an added bonus, especially when he is delivering his worst insults ever

As a recap, Ramsay has conquered the world of dining establishments, television, books, and, now, social media. Is there anything that this culinary genius can't do? It seems not. He has even disproved an age-old adage. You can teach an "old" dog new tricks — at least when it comes to TikTok.