What You Might Not Know About Gordon Ramsay's 'Secret Sister'

Gordon Ramsay's television persona appears to consist of many complex layers. Fans have all encountered angry Gordon, the chef who smashes undercooked salmon with his fist, yells about mishaps, and rubs his forehead in frustration. They have also met pragmatic Gordon, the one who comes up with a plan to save failing restaurants when the odds are insurmountably stacked against them. And, TV viewers have witnessed caring Gordon, the man who celebrates the successes of others, offers warm hugs for a job well done, and who has shed public tears. It only stands to reason that the details about Gordon Ramsay's private life would be just as complicated. 

The public has been made aware of some snippets from the celebrity chef's early life. His dad was, oftentimes, a violent alcoholic, and his mom suffered abuse at his hands (via CNN). He grew up with an older sister, Diane, and two younger siblings, brother Ronnie and sister Yvonne. Ronnie has been addicted to heroin for a long time and, as Ramsay shared with Hello!, "We've done everything we can to help him, now he just sort of binges and disappears." According to The Travel, at the young age of 16, the TV personality entered the adult world, leaving his family behind and striking out on his own with his sister, Diane. 

But it turns out that the "Hell's Kitchen" star actually has three sisters, not two. And his "secret sister" is said to have much in common with the master chef. 

Gordon Ramsay seemed reluctant to meet his sister

The Evening Standard reveals that before Ramsay's dad, Gordon Ramsay Sr., married his mother, he had a brief romance with 16-year-old Margaret Miller. As a result of this relationship, Miller had a daughter, Sharon Donnachie, who would be the famous chef's older half-sister. 

The Mirror discloses that Donnachie "turned up after Ramsay wrote about her in his autobiography," adding that she is also a great cook and possesses a hot temper. And, apparently, she looks just like the "Kitchen Nightmares" star. Even Ramsay himself sees the resemblance stating how weird it is that he's had a sibling out there for 43 years that looks identical to him (per Manchester Evening News). 

Donnachie was thrilled to discover that a TV star she'd admired on television all these years was, in fact, her baby brother (per Evening Standard). The article adds that Donnachie couldn't wait to meet Ramsay, however, when the celebrity chef did promotional appearances near her home, he failed to get in touch, much to Donnachie's dismay (The Mail on Sunday). But, determined, she finally came face-to-face with her long-lost sibling when she lined up with fans to meet him. Her son told Express, "It's the only time they've met and it meant a lot to my mum." Perhaps this will be just one of many meetings and they'll be able to forge a lasting sibling relationship in the future.