An Egg Truck Crash In Texas Led To A Massive Scramble

Eggs have been in the news a lot lately. First, the real reason egg prices are rising has been identified as an outbreak of avian flu, and that's also the reason free-range eggs are temporarily going away in some areas. Most recently, there's been another egg disaster that's not related to the avian flu but is still making the news thanks to the huge mess it caused.

If you've ever seen an 18-wheeler driving by on the freeway and wondered what would happen if it was filled with eggs and happened to tip over, well, your curiosity is about to be satisfied. That's exactly what happened on Monday, May 16, reports KWTX. An 18-wheeler loaded with between 30,000 to 35,000 pounds of eggs hit a support pillar of a bridge in Dallas, and when it did, the trailer holding the eggs "ripped" open. The eggs, their cartons, and boxes holding the cartons tumbled onto the highway. Thankfully, the driver of the truck wasn't injured, but the accident left a load of litter in its wake.

Things got eggstremely messy

Photos of the accident posted on Twitter by Mike Forbes, a photographer for ABC News, showed that the westbound lanes of Interstate 30 and Interstate 45 in Dallas were all closed, and much of the road was covered with the debris of broken boxes, egg cartons, and eggs from the crash. The accident happened around 4 a.m., and though Monday morning commuters likely found the situation frustrating, some social media users were able to make light of it.

"Eggzactly how did this happen?" asked one user in the comments of a tweet from NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth reporter Samantha Davies. "Drivers are scrambling to find a way to work this morning," joked another. The egg puns were out in full force, and though some of them veered on the edge of distasteful ("Guess that 18-wheeler flipped over easy"), most were in good fun. However, cleaning up after the accident is proving to be a tough shell to crack. As of roughly 2 p.m. Dallas time, live camera footage from NBC 5 showed that road crews were still working to clear the freeway, and there's no word yet on what time the section of road will reopen. Talk about a sticky situation!