Aldi Shoppers Can't Decide Which Frozen Desserts Are Best

With summer right around the corner, there are so many new and exciting possibilities to look forward to. From weekends at the lake and bonfires on the beach to road trips with friends and visits to the drive-in movie theater, everyone has their own summer traditions that they look forward to. But one thing that everyone can enjoy this summer? All of the most popular summer recipes. Hot stews and heavy casseroles have gone into hibernation, and fresh and colorful salads, grilled hot dogs and burgers, and simple cobblers are in season once again (via Taste of Home). Whether you are planning a backyard barbecue or a summer soiree, there are so many light and refreshing meals that you can whip up — but no meal is truly complete without a dessert.

During the hottest months of the year, chilled desserts serve more than one purpose. Not only are sweet treats delicious, but they also help cool you down on sweltering summer days. Not to mention, trips to the local ice cream shoppe or popsicles by the pool are often traditions that families enjoy year after year. If you are stocking your freezer with frozen goodies for the summer, Aldi just released an assortment of frosty treats for the season — and fans can't seem to decide which one they are most excited about.

There's a bevy of new summer treats at Aldi

When it comes to summertime snacks, everyone has their own personal preference. While some individuals are partial to something refreshing and fruity, others prefer something rich and creamy. Regardless of your taste buds, Aldi has a little something for everyone. In a recent Instagram post, @aldifavoritefinds shared some of the latest treats that the discount grocery store has stocked in freezers. "More seasonal ice cream choices for the summer! These could be located in the regular ice cream freezers or in the AldiFinds freezers," the caption reads. "Which one you will be trying?" Some of the photos showcased in the Instagram post include colorful boxes of strawberry fruit bars, ice cream cookie sandwiches, dark chocolate-covered fruit bars, milk chocolate-coated bananas, and pints of non-dairy, vegan ice cream.

Users took to the comments section to share which treats they were most excited about. "Yay!! So glad the df ice cream is back!! Need to stock up!," one person wrote, while another shared, "the mini ice cream sandwiches are literally Oreo cookies (same size and everything) stuffed with ice cream. I got the mint and they're so good!" Yet another raved, "the strawberry bars are the best!! I have no idea how many boxes we go threw [sic] during the summer," while someone else shouted out the chocolate-covered bananas. Not convinced by these new options? There's always the premium chocolate peanut butter ice cream that Aldi shoppers are losing it over.