Simple Cobbler Recipes You'll Be Trying All Summer Long

The days are warming up, and visions of picnics and backyard cookouts are starting to come to mind. No great cookout is complete without dessert, and these cobbler recipes are the perfect additions to any summery meal. While pies are tasty classics, cobblers come together quickly with little to no fuss (and are just as delicious).

Instead of making and rolling out a finicky pie shell, cobblers are made in a baking dish with a biscuit-like topping. The cobbler topping delivers all the crunchy, buttery crust goodness you love about fruit pies. The baked fruit filling can be as convenient as a store-bought pie filling, frozen berries, or nearly any fresh fruit you have on hand.

These five Mashed recipes are so easy to put together and will look like masterpieces once they're complete. Whip up a cobbler as a last-minute dessert for an impromptu dinner, or as a fun baking project with your little ones. Once you find a recipe you like, feel free to customize the filling by adding different fruits and spices. Cobblers were practically made to be served a la mode, so don't forget to pick up a pint of vanilla ice cream to serve with your warm cobbler.

3-ingredient cherry cobbler you'll want to make on the daily

If you're new to the world of cobblers, this recipe is a fantastic place to start. Our 3-ingredient cherry cobbler recipe just screams summertime. Canned cherry pie filling, a box of white cake mix, and a stick of butter are all you need to whip up this treat. The butter is melted and stirred into the cake mix, making a quick crumble that gets tossed on top of the cherry filling. It's so easy, you can have the whole thing assembled in the amount of time it takes for your oven to heat up.

3-ingredient peach cobbler recipe that will be a summertime favorite

Our 3-ingredient peach cobbler recipe is made similarly to the cherry cobbler recipe in this roundup. Instead of mixing the butter with the cake mix, it's simply placed in pads across the top of the mix and allowed to melt in while the cobbler bakes. This soul-satisfying recipe calls for canned peaches in juice, so you won't have to struggle to find ripe peaches if they aren't readily available — or if the craving for cobbler hits after summer's over.

3-ingredient berry cobbler that's a vibrant pop of flavor

You may live for all of those gorgeous, bold berries of summertime. If so, this 3-ingredient berry cobbler recipe has your name on it. Mixed berries, frozen at the peak of ripeness can be used year-round. You can also use fresh berries in any combination you like or have on hand. Effortless to make with just three ingredients. Perfect for a Fourth of July cookout or poolside party, this berry cobbler would be excellent served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or alongside a tub of Cool Whip.

3-ingredient apple cobbler that has a cinnamon roll topping

No matter what season it is, there's always an abundance of apples. Going through the effort to make a double-crusted pie isn't going to be a regular thing, no matter how much you love baking. But a quick, 3-ingredient apple cobbler recipe that calls for cinnamon rolls as the topping is a no-stress dessert that can be baked regularly. 

Apples are peeled and sliced, then tossed with cinnamon sugar before getting topped with the cinnamon roll pieces and popped in the oven. Bonus points if your cinnamon rolls come with a container of icing to drizzle on top.

Blackberry cobbler that's a true taste of summer

If you only have a few extra minutes on hand, and you're ready to step up your cobbler game, try our blackberry cobbler recipe. The traditional cobbler topping is made with pantry staples, buttermilk, and cold butter, while the filling is made with frozen or fresh blackberries. If you have a handful of berries in the fridge, you can toss them into this cobbler so they don't go to waste. Created by registered dietician Kristen Carli, this cobbler will fill your kitchen with irresistible berry aromas while it cooks.