Kraken Rum Just Got Into The Canned Cocktail Game

Ready-to-drink cocktails in a can are on the rise and The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is wading into these waters, releasing a mix of their own. CNBC reported that premixed cocktails in a can sales spiked in 2021, raking in $1.6 billion. They even took over the coveted second-place spot for volume consumption, trailing on the heels of vodka. Now many a brand is jumping on the bandwagon. The classic soft drink, Fresca, has thrown its hat into the ring of ready-to-drink cocktails, partnering with spirits brand Constellation, as has Tennessee whiskey brand George Dickel to create the Social Hour Harvest Whiskey Sour (via Robb Report). 

Per PYMNTS, these partnerships are popping up everywhere. Diageo, the creator of a suite of alcoholic beer and alcohol that includes Guinness, Don Julio Tequila, Johnnie Walker, and Ketel One Vodka acquired a new canning plant with the aspiration of grabbing their slice of the ready to drink cocktail market. So, it makes perfect sense for Kraken rum to join the club. Per an announcement reported by Bar Business, the makers of this spirit are encouraging imbibers to "Krak open" their new line of ready-to-drink cocktails this summer and enjoy these premixed drinks at backyard parties and barbecues.  

3 new ready to drink cocktails in a can

Bar Business reveals Kraken Black Spiced Rum is offering three different premixed cocktails for those who want to skip their favorite watering hole, and instead, prefer to wet their whistle and sip on their favorite rum drinks at home. These ready to drink canned cocktails are mixed with cola, ginger beer, and punch, and contain 5% alcohol per 12-ounce can. If you are unfamiliar with Kraken Spiced Rum, according to a Youtube video, their spirits come directly from the Caribbean and are blended with 13 proprietary spices. 

Bar Business goes on to describe each mixed drink, noting the classic rum and cola offers a bouquet of citrusy aromas while the ready-to-drink cocktail mixed with ginger beer has flavors of candied ginger, honey, and of course, spiced rum. Additionally, the rum and punch concoction is reminiscent of being on a tropical island with tastes of pineapple, lime, and orange hitting your tastebuds.

To celebrate their entry into this booming market, Kraken shared in a press release with that they are holding a sweepstakes contest with a chance to win a squid-spotting expedition around the island of Roatan in the Caribbean. To find out more, rum drinkers can visit Kraken Rum for all the details.