How Your Favorite Pizza Topping Could Give You Relationship Advice

Pizza typically brings people together. On rare occasions, pizza can even drive people apart (if, say, someone is vehemently against pineapple on pizza, for whatever reason). Regardless, your opinions on pizza could very well say something about you and what you like or dislike. If you've already taken a Buzzfeed quiz to see what pizza topping you are or researched the best pizza topping for you according to your zodiac sign, you might be more open to the idea of pizza giving you dating advice. But think about it — while pizza preferences may seem trivial, small disagreements can point to much larger problems to come.

For instance, when ordering a pizza with your significant other, are they willing to compromise when you say you don't want anchovies? How do they work out a solution to the age-old debate of Chicago-style pizza versus New York-style pizza? Your favorite topping (and theirs) might just offer some advice. 

Domino's reveals the connection between pizza and relationships

We all know Domino's for its pizza, but were you aware that this pizza chain once did a deep dive into the connections between people's pizza and dating preferences? According to Talker, Domino's polled 2,000 people in February 2022 and made some pretty interesting discoveries. The survey suggested that pepperoni pizza lovers tend to find blondes attractive, meat lovers seek out redheads, and Hawaiian pizza fans are drawn to brunettes. While these results may seem tenuous, the survey also revealed that 55% of people look for a "shared love of food."

The survey also indicated that 17% of respondents would be less inclined to date someone who liked pineapple on pizza (which, by the way, isn't the most hated pizza topping). Furthermore, the poll revealed that people's stances on sharing really show when it comes to pizza. With so much to be learned from someone's pizza preferences, it's no wonder so many people go out for a slice on a first date!