The Best Pizza Topping For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

As many as 23% of Americans regularly read up on their horoscope (via Smithsonian Magazine). For many people, astrology influences decisions as small as what to wear to as big as who to date. Platforms like YouTube share content related to "most annoying things about each sign" and "what job you should have based on your sign."

Although Scientific American says the position of the stars has no effect on our personalities and habits, it's still fun to look at your horoscope whether or not you fully believe in it. In the same way that we love taking BuzzFeed quizzes to see what kind of bread we are, many of us like to see how our zodiac sign supposedly influences our Starbucks order or our favorite ice cream flavor.

Based on descriptions of the zodiac signs, we have compiled a list of the best pizza toppings for each sign. Is yours accurate?

Aries: A bold and daring pizza

Someone born under the sign of Aries can best be summed up by the symbol of the ram. Aries is headstrong, competitive, and spontaneous, says Co-Star. Because Aries enjoys taking risks and trying new things, Aries might enjoy a bold and daring pizza, like a Sicilian pepperoni and spicy tomato sauce pizza (via Serious Eats). For the best results, try a high-quality pepperoni that will curl up along the edges as it cooks. With a sassy pepperoni and loads of strong cheeses, Aries won't be bored.

Taurus: The classic pie

A Taurus is usually the most laidback person in your friend group. Taurus is happy to stay home every night, watching the same TV show and eating the same snack. Co-Star says Taurus loves routine. Like really, really, really loves routine. As a stubborn fan of the classics, Taurus might enjoy a margherita pizza, like this one The Kitchn describes. Just like Taurus, the margherita pizza is classy and comforting, with just a tiny bit of a kick.

Gemini: An unlikely combo

According to Co-Star, Gemini's most obvious trait is their charisma. Someone born under the sign of Gemini tends to be a jack-of-all-trades, good at everything and with everyone. Gemini wears their heart on their sleeve and lives in the moment. Because Gemini is full of contradictions, they might enjoy an unlikely pizza topping combo like Taste of Home's California Club pizza. With toppings of lettuce, sprouts, tomato, and avocado, this pizza puts a healthy twist on a less-than-healthy classic.

Cancer: Something comforting

Cancer is sensitive and empathetic, an "emotional packmule," as Co-Star says. However, Cancer does not like to share their feelings with others, as they fear being taken advantage of or being perceived as a burden. Like Taurus, Cancer likes to stick with the familiar, the comfortable, the routine. Someone born under the sign of Cancer is happiest with the classic pizza topping: plain, old pepperoni. They know what to expect with the traditional pepperoni pizza, and it will remain their go-to order.

Leo: An over-the-top topping

As we might expect from a sign represented by the lion, Leo is fiery, regal, larger-than-life. According to Co-Star, Leo is ambitious and captivating, prone to using anger as a shield when they are hurting. Leo is generous and extremely loyal to the people they care about. Because Leo is strong and dignified, they might enjoy an elegant pizza topped with grilled lemons, like this recipe from Food & Wine. With a bit of citrus and char, this pizza might just stand up to Leo's high standards.

Virgo: All about the details

Virgo is the perfectionist, the critic, the fixer. (No, we won't let you eat in our room, even though we have crumbs in our bed.) Virgo wants to feel helpful, and so they will purposely seek out a mess to clean up, says Co-Star. Because Virgo is modest but drawn to the finer details, they are drawn to a four-cheese pizza. My Recipes shares a classic pizza topped with ricotta, taleggio, gorgonzola, and parmigiano-reggiano cheeses. This pizza has a clean appearance, but Virgo will enjoy noticing the different flavors.

Libra: A crowd-pleasing pie

The personality of a Libra is hard to pin down due to their tendency to act like whoever they're around. Libra is observant of others, and because they spend so much time mirroring the people around them, Co-Star says Libra might not really know who they are. Sensitive to the opinions of others, Libra is often indecisive. A popular pizza like Food Network's Almost-Famous BBQ Chicken pizza will allow Libra to fit in with the crowd, while also enjoying a variety of toppings.

Scorpio: A bit of a mystery

That dark and brooding figure you see lingering at the corner? That's Scorpio. A master of mystery, Scorpio is very intentional with how much of the truth they tell, says Co-Star. Like Libra, Scorpio is observant of others, but for this sign, knowledge is power. Scorpio needs to be in control, so they will appreciate the hidden toppings of a deep-dish pizza. Will Scorpio choose ham? Pepperoni? Peppers? Some combination? Who knows — only Scorpio.

Sagittarius: A pizza to pique their curiosity

Sagittarius is the life of the party and everyone's best friend. According to Co-Star, Sagittarius is an adventurer, and often reckless when they set their sights on a goal. Because Sagittarius is curious, they are always on the move and need to take risks. Sagittarius might sit down long enough to enjoy the colorful tandoori chicken pizza, inspired by the Indian dish (via The Travel). A unique mix of toppings hailing from another country just might satisfy Sagittarius's desire for new experiences.

Capricorn: A more sophisticated slice

You'd better be on your best behavior around Capricorn. Usually acting as the parent of the group, Capricorn is responsible and mature beyond their years, says Co-Star. Capricorn wants respect from others and expects perfection from themselves. Healthier pizza toppings will attract Capricorn and satisfy their desire to appear sophisticated. Capricorn should try a harvest pizza with chicken, grapes, and goat cheese, like this one shared by Eat This.

Aquarius: An experimental choice

Aquarius might seem a little out-there, but it's their own doing. Co-Star says Aquarius purposely develops a persona of weirdness and conspiracy. They intentionally go against the grain of society because they need to stand out. Aquarius loves an experiment, so they'd be at home trying a strange new pizza. Time highlights a Cadbury creme egg topped pizza that might just be weird enough for Aquarius. (This isn't to say Aquarius will like it, but they'll eat it to see how everyone else reacts.)

Pisces: A taste of home

Oh, precious Pisces. According to Co-Star, Pisces is a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a delicate little sea sponge. Pisces seeks out stronger personalities in order to hide insecurities. Sensitive and intuitive, Pisces is easily overwhelmed, but enjoys feeling like part of a larger whole. Pisces will feel at home with a pizza topped with garlic and delicate fresh herbs (via Killing Thyme). Although the garlic may at first bite seem overpowering, the herbs — like Pisces — add a soft touch of flavor.