The Canadian Couple Who Created A Simpsons-Style Kitchen

When you think of your dream kitchen makeover, visions of quartz countertops, shiny new appliances, and a trendy glazed tile backsplash likely dance through your head. This utopian cooking space is sleek, fashionable, and features the absolute best kitchen trends imaginable. It looks like it slipped right off the cover of the latest home design magazine and landed effortlessly in the exact spot where your kitchen sits. And nary a corn cob-covered curtain is insight. 

Corn-cobbed curtains? Where did that come from? It turns out that for one couple, vegetable-themed drapes were an intricate part of their overall dream kitchen design. Why on earth would anyone want a window treatment covered with a yellow vegetable? Well, when your coveted kitchen is based on that of a famous cartoon family, it would seem that pretty much anything goes. Blue countertops with purple cabinet doors? No problem. An avocado green stove? Of course. These are the color schemes on which cartoons are based. And living in a cartoon-inspired kitchen is not for those who like things to match. Or be three-dimensional for that matter. 

Enter the Calgary — Canada couple, Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton, and their Simpsons-inspired kitchen. In case you are wondering why anyone would select this particular eating space over some other TV kitchen like Gloria and Jay's in "Modern Family" or Robert and Sol's on "Grace and Frankie," they actually have a few very good reasons. 

The couple's kitchen earned them a mention on the show

Obviously, they are fans of the show. Hamilton confessed to CBC that the show is like a big security blanket that he turns to when he feels down. The couple was also looking for a way to renovate the kitchen without having to put out a lot of cash. Andreychuk explained to CBC that doing a "retrovation (keeping the old, but making it new)" lets them use what they already have. And because their 1950s kitchen had much in common with the one on "The Simpsons," it made sense to replicate that. 

So how does one go about re-creating "The Simpsons" cartoon world kitchen? According to BuzzFeed, the bulk of their improvements were quite thrifty, with roughly $300 paid out for little things like contact paper to make their cabinets and appliances more Simpsons-like. How did they come up with corn cob drapes? Andreychuk said, "I was able to order the fabric off of a website that you can upload any graphic to and they will take it and print it on fabric" (via National Post). Their biggest expense was the flooring, which came in at $2,000. 

This investment yielded more than just a fun kitchen. It also won them a mention on the animated sitcom. Andreychuk and Hamilton were named as players in a hockey game watched by Bart and Homer (per Global News). That's worthy of an "Ay caramba," for sure.