The Cookbook Inspired By The Simpsons' Cartoon World

If you're like many Americans, you have spent a great deal of time at 742 Evergreen Terrace over the past 33 years hanging out with its yellow, pointy-haired residents. Yes, "The Simpsons" is more than just a cultural icon and the longest-running scripted TV show in history (via Entertainment Weekly). The iconic show and its characters have become like friends or strange family members — the ones you probably wouldn't ask to accompany you on "Family Feud" — for many obsessed viewers.

Food has always played an important role in the lives of this family from Springfield, Somewhere-In-The-USA. In fact, many of its classic episodes are about eating and drinking often-hilarious dishes (via Food & Wine). Homer is, after all, known to possess a passion for sustenance, particularly food that is round with a whole in the middle. 

Thus, after three decades worth of stuffed toys, board games, and Lego minis, devoted fans can now get their paws on something that is both collectible and useful. That's "The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook" by Laurel Randolph, according to It's Nice That. Now, honorary Springfield-ites can "embiggen" their culinary repertoires by tackling a few Simpsons-themed dishes. Mmm. 

The book's superfan author wrote recipes for these iconic Simpsons foods

When many people think of the requisite recipes for a cookbook based on food in "The Simpsons," the first things to spring to mind might be the Krusty Burger, the Squishee, the Flaming Moe, and, of course, donuts. Thankfully, all of these trademark foods are featured within this book's 160 pages. 

It also includes many recipes that could evoke Springfield memories based on their clever monikers alone. If "Homer's Whale Of A Wife Cake," "Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel," or "Marge's Patented Happy Cracker Snack Platter" (via It's Nice That) sound familiar, this book could be for you. Not to mention the inclusion of Forbidden Doughnuts, Bart's America Balls, Flander's Planter's Punch, and Lisa's Chocolate-Cherry Experiment Cupcakes (via NME). 

What sets this cookbook apart from others devoted to this popular program is that its author, Laurel Randolph, has been creating Simpsons recipes for many years. She writes the longtime The Joy Of Cooking Milhouse blog, the Cooking The Simpsons series for Paste, as well as worked as an expert on Instant Pot cookbooks (via The Mercury News). Thus, as someone who grew up watching the show, she is able to combine her love of "The Simpsons" with her extensive food knowledge. 

So, if you want something that is both an homage to America's favorite animated family and a cookbook with thoroughly tested recipes, "The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook" could be a top contender.