15 Best Macaron Flavors And Where To Find Them

After macarons surpassed cupcakes as the miniature dessert du jour in the U.S., sweets enthusiasts from coast to coast began clamoring to get their macaron fix at boutique bakeries across the country. Although you can technically make macarons at home, you definitely need the proper equipment, tons of patience, and fairly sophisticated baking skills. 

Perfectly round, gorgeously filled macarons aren't always easy to create. However, if you'd prefer not to spend time in the kitchen trying to produce a tray of exquisite baked goods, there are some superb bakeries in the U.S. that have incredible macarons on offer. 

Numerous artisan bakeries across the country create classic and incredible macaron flavor combinations. From the deceptively simple dark chocolate macaron variety to the boozy and beautiful CAB to the vibrant and whimsical Unicorn flavor, there is a delectable macaron flavor for simply everyone. All you have to do is find your favorite type of macaron and dig in!

Olivia Macaron: Galaxy Cassis

Olivia Macaron in Washington, D.C., puts inventive spins on classic flavor combinations and profiles to create fresh flavor-forward macarons that taste both familiar and unique at the same time. According to Female Foodie, the blood orange macaron is one of Olivia Macaron's signature offerings. This bright and zesty rendition offers a clever break from the standard lemon zest cookie that truly certainly sets Olivia Macaron apart from the pack.

Its Galaxy Cassis macaron is another example of an artful flavor pairing crafted into a beautiful visual presentation. Rich blackcurrant runs through the entire cookie and is complemented perfectly by the white chocolate ganache. The blackcurrant plays incredibly well with the white chocolate. The texture of this cookie is totally on point: Expect a crisp outer shell with a creamy inside for the ideal bite every single time. With their gorgeous shades of violet, these berry beauties are as visually stunning as they are elegantly delicious. 

Macaron by Patisse: Pistachio

Macaron by Patisse in Houston, Texas, churns out fresh, gluten-free, low-calorie, all-natural macarons every day that are ready to be gobbled up by the lucky customers. According to Community Impact, Macarons by Patisse works with both evergreen and seasonally appropriate flavors, and it isn't afraid to step outside the box with a bit of innovative kitchen wizardry. Save for a few exceptions, everything is made in-house, which is probably why the pistachio macarons are fresh, loaded with flavor, and utterly addictive.

These beautiful macarons are two lovely shades of emerald, with the vibrant petite macaron rounds gently cradling a paler shade of pistachio cream. In addition to being visually appealing, these little green wonders pack a ton of taste as a result of the fresh pistachios that go into every cookie. These macarons contain natural pistachios with no artificial additives, and the result is a stunning flavor that really stands out.

Chantel Guillon: Tiramisu

San Francisco's Chantel Guillon, which has locations in SoMA and Palo Alto, reopened its doors in 2021, according to San Francisco Gate, and is back to serving up phenomenal, perfectly proportioned macarons in varieties such as chocolate, salted caramel, and tiramisu. Chantel Guillon's macarons are crafted using an Italian meringue method that produces lighter-than-air meringue shells that are ready to be filled with all kinds of deliciousness (via Serious Eats).

Tiramisu is a dessert that possesses a glorious Italian blend of premium coffee, chocolate, and cream. Chantel Guillon's macarons hit the flavor notes completely with chocolate mocha cream and a light dusting of cocoa on the baked meringue itself. Visually, the contrast of rich, dark chocolate against pale cookie macaron cookies is sophisticated and bold. Also, traditional tiramisu tends to be on the heavier side, so this delightful artisan cookie is the ideal nibble for people who want a touch of tiramisu flavor without sitting down to a whole dessert.

La Fournette: Jameson

La Fournette hits the flavor sweet spot with its boozy, chocolatey, pistachio-heavy Jameson macaron. This bakery in Chicago, Illinois, specializes in preservative-free, natural macarons. Although it's challenging to find a macaron that won't make you swoon at La Fournette, the Jameson macaron's pale emerald and rich cocoa-colored cookies are next-level tasty. The flavor pairing is inspired and unexpected, with a subtle smack of Jameson right at the end. These macarons are boozy yet well-balanced, and each nibble packs a small mouthful of heady flavor. 

According to Classic Chicago Magazine, La Fournette also gives back to the community by teaming up with After School Matters to inspire the next generation of bakers. Chef Pierre Zimmerman, the owner of La Fournette has also co-founded the Intergalactic Baking Federation, which works to inspire and motivate young chefs by passing down baking tricks of the trade. The foundation has also donated kitchen supplies to a Ugandan refugee camp.

Bunjour Bakery: Raspberry rose

Although the sign of a good macaron is a smooth, glossy shell, the sign of a next-level amazing macaron is an artistically-designed exterior that resembles two petite roses cradling pale pink filling. Bunjour Bakery in Irvine, California, makes raspberry rose macarons. These flirty and floral creations burst with bright, summery raspberry flavor and just a hint of rose in the ganache filling. They're utterly fruit-forward, exquisite to look at, and satisfying to eat.

According to Voyage LA Magazine, Bunjour Bakery is a small-batch macaron shop that's not afraid to color outside the lines. Some of its best flavors include nostalgic throwbacks like Lucky Charms or whimsically flavored macarons. It also specializes in more modern flavors like earl grey and matcha. However, even with all of these options, it's hard to deny the appeal of these raspberry rose macarons with their bright pink rose shells and gorgeous creamy centers.

Dana's Bakery: Red velvet Mookie

Dana's Bakery in New Jersey has some over-the-top treats that would make Willy Wonka proud. According to New Jersey Monthly, Dana's Bakery's Mookies are its signature dessert. A Mookie consists of a combination of macaron and cookie in a double-decker dessert destined to satisfy even the most ravenous sweet tooth. 

Some Mookie flavors like the Jelly Donut macaron tucked inside an oatmeal chocolate raisin cookie complement each other. Others, like the red velvet Mookie, contain the red velvet dessert flavor within the macaron and the cookie exterior.

The red velvet Mookie is truly special because the flavor is a riff on a beloved cake transformed into both a soft and gooey cookie and a perfectly baked macaron with a luscious filling. Bite into one, and you'll enjoy multiple textures and flavors. If you want to make your Mookie even more decadent, try microwaving it for about 30 seconds. 

Maca: Strawberry cheesecake

Maca's strawberry cheesecake macarons are totally adorable, ruby red little gems crowned with green tops and smiling tiny faces. They also have a velvety, delicious strawberry cheesecake filling, thin crispy outside, and a balance of flavors in every bite. These strawberry cheesecake macarons get high marks for their utter cuteness and taste, and they're just one of the tempting desserts that Maca has on offer. 

This Boston bakery famously crafts macarons with your favorite characters on them and offers creative custom jobs for their customers (via Boston Voyager). Maca specializes in delicate and delicious French macarons. The bakery strives to provide its customers with happy surprises in the form of whimsical characters and new flavor patterns. 

Maca's strawberry cheesecake macarons work because they're a tried-and-tested taste combination presented with style and flair in the most gush-worthy way possible. Also, the texture of each layer is on point, proving that Maca has both the technical and imaginative skills to create epic macarons.

Le Detroit Macaron: Fruity Pebbles

Le Detroit Macaron in Michigan knows precisely how to deliver a sweet sucker punch to your childhood nostalgia with its phenomenal Fruity Pebbles macarons. These crispy-on-the-outside creamy-on-the-inside diminutive treats have a lovely glossy pink shell, velvety filling, and a generous Fruity Pebbles crust. Aesthetically they look just like an impeccably crafted, upgraded version of the classic cereal. Taste-wise, they bring you straight back to that overflowing bowl of multicolored Fruity Pebbles you may have had when you were a child and condense it into a perfectly baked treat. 

According to Only In Your State, Le Detroit Macaron specializes in other fabulous flavor celebrations like Cosmic Brownie, Rose Cardamom, and Pop Rocks. It also has seasonally-inspired delights like gingerbread and sugarplum. Although you really can't go wrong with anything of Le Detroit Macaron's creations, it's hard to pass up this pretty little pink Fruity Pebbles Cereal treat.

Honey B's Macarons: CAB

Get your grown-up fix of boozy macarons at artisan bakery Honey B's Macarons in Highland Ranch, Colorado. Honey B's Macarons offer both traditional and booze-infused macarons that offer incredible flavor combos and liqueurs. The crown jewel in Honey B's Macarons' lineup of alcohol-soaked treats has got to be the CAB, a fabulous blend of classic macaron and German marzipan delicately touched with fine chocolate and a sprinkle of almond and butter toffee. The whole glorious treat is liberally doused with Disaronno Amaretto to give it several extra boozy dimensions and a decidedly adult vibe.

Although you have to be legal drinking age to purchase the CAB, there are still plenty of other sinful sweets at Honey B's Macarons that are perfect for kids and teetotalers. According to Castle Pines Connection, traditional flavors like lemon, honey, and vanilla coconut are always in rotation. You can also catch some daily specials or cash in on Mini Mac Monday when the macarons are fun-sized and are available at a lower price point. 

Sacré Sucré: Dark chocolate

Sometimes, simple, elegant, and perfectly executed desserts are the best, as Sacré Sucré proves with its sleek and multi-layered dark chocolate macaron. Sacré Sucré is one of Baltimore's premier bakeries; it offers classic French macarons in traditional flavors like salted caramel, vanilla, raspberry, and dark chocolate (via Baltimore Magazine). Sacré Sucré is run by spouses Manuel Sanchez and Dane Thibodeaux. This bakery offers on-point, classically executed macarons and baking classes for people looking to unlock the art of excellent macaron baking for themselves (via Sacré Sucré).

The dark chocolate macaron offers more than just a sweet chocolatey bite: The potent, bitter, and bright dark chocolate taste mingles with sophisticated sweetness along with a touch of smoke and tobacco. These flavors work together to deliver a decidedly grown-up and chic chocolate experience that has endless dimensions of flavor and a satisfying end-note of rich dark chocolate. While there are other flavors on offer, Sacré Sucré's simple and flawless dark chocolate macaron is one of the best macaron flavors out there.

Nikkolette's Macarons: Caramel cappuccino

Plymouth, Minnesota's Nikkolette's Macarons is educating the community about French macarons one tasty bite at a time (via CCX Media). People often tend to mix up traditional French macarons and macaroons: The former is a light, elegant cookie sandwich that is the French macaron while the latter is a coconut topped crunchy dessert. Nikkolette's Macarons uses flavor-infused ganaches as its macaron fillings, and it is this component that really takes the Caramel cappuccino macaron to the stratosphere.

The espresso caramel ganache is gently sandwiched between the top and bottom parts of the macaron. It's not overly sweet and has definite hints of coffee and rich, buttery caramel. The ganache ties the macaron together and plays well with the light caramel-colored outer shells. One thing that Nikkolette's Macarons really nails is the ratio of filling to cookie. Each bite is pleasantly balanced; all the flavors are pleasantly discernable while existing in perfect harmony. 

Lady Yum: Unicorn

Lady Yum has several locations all around Seattle, including the airport, so lucky residents and visitors will never be too far away from its inspired creations, including the most magical one of all: The Unicorn macaron. According to Lady Yum's website, this flavor has hints of spun sugar and might evoke childhood memories of visiting the circus or fairgrounds. This sugary taste, coupled with plenty of multi-colored sprinkles, a liberal dose of glitter, and incredible baking skills, lead to a fantastic little macaron that's out of this world. Plus, Unicorn macarons are gluten-free.

According to Bellevue Downtown, the macarons aren't the only ethereal and creative things at Lady Yums. Its downtown location is a bright celebration of different colors and features a disco ball, with comfy chairs, and funky decor. If mystical cotton-candy Unicorn macarons aren't your style, there is plenty more to choose from at Lady Yum, thanks to its ever-changing list of flavors.

Honey & Butter: French toast

Honey & Butter in Irvine, California, nails the taste of its French toast macarons, but it is the three tiny French toast replicas that adorn each macaron's glossy top that are the ultimate selling point for this flavor. According to Food & Wine, this Golden State artisan bakery makes everything in-house. You can taste the quality in its light, almond flour cookies, and rich buttercream fillings that work incredibly together to create a superb balance between crunchy outside and velvety, decadent, creamy inside.

Honey & Butter's Facebook notes that its cereal macarons are bestsellers, including its cereal-flecked Fruity Pebbles and the maple-scented, deliciously bready French toast flavor. The French toast macaron isn't overly sweet, but it has those beautiful breakfasty notes that you may associate with a fabulous brunch with your friends. Also, the color palette is gorgeous, with tiny French toasts standing out prominently on a pastel-colored, perfectly smooth shell that contains just the right amount of filling.

Macaron Parlour: Fig

Macaron Parlour in New York City offers a sophisticated spin on everyone's favorite miniature cookie by forgoing typical dessert flavors and offering its customers a decadent and chic fig macaron. According to Goldman Sachs, Macaron Parlour started in 2010 with the key intent of marrying a timeless French technique with American flavor profiles. Over the decade and change, it's perfected flavors like red velvet and S'Mores and even created utterly adorable character macarons that include Hello Kitty and Moo Cow varieties. 

Macaron Parlour's fig macarons are a cut above. Chefs leverage the sweetness from Calimyrna figs via a meticulous prep and cooking process to create the fig macaron. The result is a delectable macaron that is sweet without being overly cloying or sugary. Plus, every fig macaron has a satiny and luxe violet color with a rich, velvety deep purple filling inside, making it the ultimate feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

Bonne Vie Macarons: Big Bee Mac

These adorable and artistic bee-adorned Big Bee Macs from Bonne Vie Macarons in Lafayette, Louisiana, are the ultimate example of how attention to detail, flavor mastery, whimsical ideas, and a deft, skilled touch can elevate any macaron to epic status. According to Louisiana SBDC, founder Heather Degeyter discovered her knack for macaron magic while testing out new desserts for her daughter. Unbelievably, she managed to conjure up a beautiful batch on her first round, and the rest is history.

While Degeyter has plenty of whimsical flavors and combinations up her sleeve, Big Bee Macs are one of the best. Every bite is full of rich honey buttercream and luscious caramel. Plus, the light honeycomb design and perfect little bee perched on top make these macarons almost too pretty to eat, although after taking one bite, you won't be able to resist scarfing down the whole thing.