Why Showcasing Vietnamese Cooking Is So Important To TikToker Soy Nguyen - Exclusive

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, foodies have taken to social media to feature special traditional recipes. Vietnamese American dishes are just one example of many that showcase the culture, putting a spotlight on meals such as the commonly known dish, Pho (a type of Vietnamese soup). Soy Nguyen, now at over 960k followers and 41 million likes on TikTok, is one influencer who enjoys sharing her Vietnamese identity through food.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Nguyen revealed the ups and downs of an online career, especially with all of the controversies surrounding the topic of Asian hate. She was named a TikTok API Trailblazer and a Foodie Influencer of the Year since she is known for her restaurant reviews and videos featuring her mom's recipes. The TikToker explained how her followers have been extremely positive regarding Vietnamese food and discussed why showcasing that culture is so important to her content creation.

Being Vietnamese American is a major part of her identity

As Asian hate crimes continue to thwart the news cycle, Mashed asked Soy Nguyen if she ever feels any pressure or pride to represent the Asian culture. She responded, "Regardless of whatever's happening around the world, my biggest identity, or one of my biggest identities, [is] being Vietnamese American." She continued, "That's something that I truly encompass in my content, because if you watch a lot of my content, there's a lot of Vietnamese cooking, a lot of Vietnamese cultural aspects." Nguyen went one step further to say that she will never stop advocating for the Vietnamese American culture. 

She went on to explain that recipes and cooking videos inspired her as she isn't a "traditional chef or cook." Instead, the food influencer revealed that her mom cultivated her passion for food through traditional recipes that everyone loves, whether it be for the Sunday church group or family gatherings. "I love featuring my mom, and it's been a cool way for me to connect with my roots and to connect with my mom through making the videos," Nguyen said.

She noted that her Bún bò Huế (a beef noodle soup) video is one of her most well-received since commenters enjoyed trying out the dish for themselves. By putting out fun and enjoyable content, the TikToker finds that she will often garner positive energy back on her page. If you still need to sort out dinner tonight, go check out that Bún bò Huế recipe — it is sure to be a household hit.

Head to Soy Nguyen's TikTok page for more videos or TikTok's press release in honor of AAPI month.