Samuel Adams Wants To Give You Free Beer This Summer — Here's How To Get It

Samuel Adams has been attempting to quench the wicked thirst of Bostonians since 1985, per Sam Adams' official website. Word of the Boston Lager spread quickly, and within the same year, it became the first American beer sold in Germany. It wasn't long before the brand expanded beyond the Boston Lager and created seasonal beers like Octoberfest, Winter Lager, and the famous Summer Ale. Samuel Adams Summer Ale was first released in 1995 and the recipe remained the same until 2019 when it got a little refresh (via

To adapt to the modern beer drinker's palate, the brand added "orange, lime, lemon peels, and lemon puree" to make a brighter version of the original recipe. One key ingredient that remains is Grains of Paradise, which give the brew a "subtle peppery spice" to contrast the citrus notes (via Samuel Adams' website). In its apparent quest for maximum refreshment, the Boston-based beer now sells a "Summer Squeeze Variety Pack," which includes the Summer Ale, Beach Session IPA, Porch Rocker, and Tropical Wheat Ale. According to a statement received by Mashed, this summer, to make sure everyone is making the most of the warm weather, Samuel Adams will buy you a beer, under a few conditions.

Samuel Adams will give you free beer for leaving work early this summer

In case you didn't know, June 2 is "National Leave the Office Early Day," (via National Today). Samuel Adams wants to reward everyone who celebrates this holiday, not only on the actual day but "every Friday through June and July" with free beer. As described in the statement sent to Mashed, consumers can prove that they in fact ditched work early to enjoy a cold Samuel Adams Summer Ale by posting a photo on Twitter of themselves having fun out of the office (or home office) between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. EST. The post should include the hashtag "samsummerfridays" and the user's Cash App $Cashtag. Sam Adams will send $10 via Cash App to the first 500 entries every Friday. That amounts to $45,000 worth of Summer Friday beers. 

Employees in the U.S. work about 3.9 billion hours every month (via Statista). So taking an early Friday to sip beer and soak in the sun might feel well-deserved for some people. It's not for us to say whether or when people should clock out. But whatever they decide, it might not be the best idea to set a beer emoji as their Slack status.