The Fake Burrito Invention Reddit Is Begging To Become Real

Fans of burritos know that these portable food delivery mechanisms can offer a fast and convenient way to eat a filling meal on the cheap side of things. Pick your favorite protein or veggie to pair with beans and rice, add some cheese, salsa, guacamole, or sour cream, wrap it up, and you're ready to go. Naturally, though, authentic burritos are different from the American version, but both satisfy our cravings.

While burritos are a beautiful thing in almost every way, you do frequently run into one problem: All those toppings crammed into that soft, pillowy tortilla blanket don't always want to stay put. After a few bites, you might develop an aperture or two in your bulging burrito that can eventually lead to a blowout of its contents.

Depending on what you have placed under your burrito to catch the falling debris, you either get stuck with a wrapper full of ingredients or, worst-case scenario, you're wearing dinner on your pants. Yes, eating burritos can be a messy experience. However, one Reddit user on the forum r/funny has created a fake solution to address this very real problem.

Enter the burrito bumper

A Redditor named u/rightcoastguy who designs fake inventions posted a video of a contraption dubbed the "burrito bumper" as a practical way to collect and reuse burrito droppings. It essentially entails a wide funnel with a small platform underneath which you can place a taco shell. You eat the burrito over the funnel, and when the toppings inevitably come tumbling down, they accumulate in the taco shell, saving all those tasty morsels for round two.

Fake or not, Redditors expressed their appreciation for the concept. User u/NukeTheWhales5 commented, "Dude has made a few things I would buy in a heartbeat. This being one for sure." Another commenter urged fast food burrito chains like Chipotle to take heed of the burrito bumper and its potential.

Meanwhile, Redditor u/hystericallymad noted that they could have used the burrito bumper for some street tacos they ate at lunch for which they "needed an extra tortilla for everything that fell out."

User u/IKabobI called it "the gift that keeps on giving." One person even hinted that the fake inventor should try developing something similar for sloppy joes. Perhaps a whole line of fake food product devices could be in his future.