Why Pimento Cheese Means So Much To Kardea Brown

When it comes to some of the best Southern cooking, Kardea Brown delivers. Whether it's her famed blackberry hand pies, collard greens, or upside-down peach cornbread cake, we keep coming back for more of her multi-layered dishes with deep ties to Southern history and culture. The namesake host of Food Network's "Delicious Miss Brown," Kardea Brown is of Gullah/Geechee descent and hails from Charleston, South Carolina, where her love of regional cooking was born.

Brown specializes in contemporary Southern cuisine and has shared her culinary talents and warm personality on a variety of high-profile culinary shows, including "Beat Bobby Flay," "Chopped Junior," and "Cooks vs. Cons." She even has a highly-anticipated cookbook that features a heaping helping of her signature dishes and is scheduled for release in October 2022. But there's one thing that most fans of Brown wouldn't suspect: her surprising relationship with one no-fuss Southern staple in particular: pimento cheese.

Why Kardea loves pimento cheese

Brown confided in a recent Instagram post about how pimento cheese helped her get her start before anyone knew her name.

"A few years ago I was selling my famous pimento cheese out of the trunk of my car," shared Brown. "I was barely making ends meet selling my cheese and hosting supper club events." 

For many of us who are fans of "Delicious Miss Brown," it's a surprise to learn that the superstar of Southern cuisine had to rely on sales of homemade pimento cheese to stay afloat. Another thing that Kardea Brown makes clear to her Insta-fans is that in this early stage of her career, she was already focused on the passion of cooking and providing happiness to her patrons. She loved giving people a great experience with her pimento cheese, and her desire to give back to others hasn't stopped there.

"It wasn't about the money," wrote Brown, "it was the feeling I got seeing people enjoy something I made. Fast forward to today I whipped up a batch for my Mom's 60th extravaganza this Saturday."

Kardea Brown's pimento cheese recipe

More than just a way to make end's meet during the early stages of her career, Brown's pimento cheese is a hit for all ages and applicable to a variety of dishes. Plus, the basic recipe for her pimento cheese is super easy for the average cook to make, with all the ingredients available at most grocery stores. The key to the famous recipe includes a variety of soft and semi-soft cheeses such as extra-sharp yellow cheddar, white cheddar (preferably Vermont), and cream cheese, plus a mix of fragrant and piquant spices like cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. 

To take her pimento cheese recipe to the next level, Brown goes one step further with her recipe for her highly-rated Pimento Cheese Stuffed Burgers. Ready to give them a try? They're a mouth-watering fan favorite and a sure hit at any backyard celebration, whether it's in the South or beyond.