The Incredible Cake A TikToker Made For The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The celebration of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II will make history this year with the Platinum Jubilee, set to commemorate the monarch's record-breaking 70 years on the throne beginning with her ascension to the crown on Feb. 6, 1952 (via CNN). Official festivities are slated to kick off on June 2 with a military parade and will conclude with the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on June 5. However, celebrations are hardly limited to the events scheduled for the week. 

On June 5, "Big Jubilee Lunches" have been planned in Britain and other countries across the world. According to People, Twitter has introduced an emoji depicting the queen's favorite dog, a corgi, sporting a crown, which will accompany hashtags honoring the Jubilee. The Washington Post reports celebrations for the occasion, throughout the entire year, have ranged from book clubs to essay writing competitions to a baking competition in which the creator of the best "Platinum pudding" – a lemon-flavored Swiss roll and amaretti trifle – is to be crowned the winner.

Speaking of sweet treats, it should come as no surprise that amateur and professional bakers alike have chosen to display their talents in commemoration of the 96-year-old monarch's 70th year as queen. After all, for the past couple of years, the internet has been abuzz with hyper-realistic cakes, while shows like "Is It Cake?" have had runaway success as contestants battle it out to see who can fool the most people with their creative use of fondant.

TikTok star unveils a life-sized cake of Queen Elizabeth II

At five feet, three inches tall, the scale of Lara Mason's confectionary send-up to Queen Elizabeth II is perhaps matched only by its level of detail. Sporting a blue sash, white dress, silver jewels, and tiara, the cake offers a strikingly realistic resemblance to the 96-year-old monarch, who is about to celebrate her 70th year as regent with the Platinum Jubilee (via Daily Echo). According to Newsweek, the Victoria sponge took five days to execute and contains a total of 400 eggs, 44 pounds of flour, and 44 pounds of butter.

Mason's video of the cake's creation, shared to her TikTok and Instagram accounts with the captions, "A royal challenge ahead of Jubilee weekend," and "A cake fit for a queen," respectively, have gone viral. The TikTok post alone has garnered 1.5 million views thus far and 193,800 likes. Commenters were quick to cite the royal specimen as the latest viral example of hyper-realistic cake construction, urging Mason to try her hand at Netflix's "Is It Cake?" baking competition show. 

For her part, Mason said it was the biggest challenge of her career to do justice to the Queen — whose Platinum Jubilee will be feted in countries from South Africa to the United States, in celebrations official and unofficial, which will feature, presumably, all manner of different kinds of cakes (via The Washington Post).