How Dan Levy's FOMO Inspired His New Tostitos Ad

Lately, Dan Levy has been quite busy. This actor, producer, director, and writer is the son of treasured actor Eugene Levy, who we all loved as the dad in "American Pie," in which he had a weird encounter with apple pie, and the TV show "Schitt's Creek," which was created by this father-and-son duo (via IMDB). 

Dan Levy is known as a big foodie, and NBC News reported that he will be the host and creator of a new HBO Max reality cooking show called "The Big Brunch." The upcoming reality show will offer chefs a chance to compete for a big prize while sharing their ideas for a successful food business. 

Levy also revealed one of his favorite foods, crullers, on his Instagram story, which his followers loved (per NDTV Food). In 2021, Levy and "SNL" comedienne Kate McKinnon, both openly gay actors, made two entertaining ads for Frito-Lay's Tostitos brand, dubbed "Not a Word" and "One Upper." And now, there's a new Tostitos ad that Levy co-wrote and starred in.

Dan Levy missed major life moments because he stepped away from the Tostitos chip bowl

People reports that the inspiration for this new Tostitos ad was Dan Levy's fear of missing out (FOMO). In the ad, we can see the 38-year old Canadian actor miss out on some crucial moments that we all cherish in life, such as a romantic marriage proposal, a shooting star while camping, and a baby's first steps — all because Levy stepped away from the communal bowl filled with Tostitos for a few seconds (via The Drum). 

Levy told People that he loves the ad because it's "playing on (his) insecurities in a very major way, which is good, performance-wise, because it's very real." He added that the experience was delightful but also cathartic. The message that the ad conveys is as clear as day — stay near the Tostitos chip bowl, or you'll miss out on major life moments, so the next time you fill a bowl with Tostitos, you're probably going to bring it along with you. Meanwhile, you can check out the surprising thing you never realized about the Tostitos logo.