The Surprising Thing You Never Realized About The Tostitos Logo

Tostitos are such a ubiquitous part of the American lexicon, as popular as they are, you would think that Frito Lay invented tortilla chips. Whether you are tailgating on college game day, watching Sunday night football, or enjoying everyone's favorite, Taco Tuesday, chances are you have a bag of Tostitos and a jar of salsa on the dining or living room table.   

It's easy to understand why this tortilla chip is so beloved. And Tostitos' iconic blue bag and logo would be hard to miss as you are strolling down the grocery store aisle (perhaps with a hankering for chips?). But you know what you might miss as your are scanning the chip shelves? The Tostitos logo contains a hidden image that takes a few seconds to register with your eyes (via National Post). Don't believe it? Take a look at the bag and cast your gaze to the logo. Do you see it now? 

Tostitos logo's hidden image

In the center of the word Tostitos, the two lower case "T's" are actually people, and between them is the letter "I" upon which rests a bowl of salsa, hence the red dot. The two people are united by, you guessed it, a Tostitos chip (via Best Life Online). Don't feel bad if you didn't see it at first. Neither did we. 

The image of the Tostitos logo works almost like an optical illusion because of the negative or white space. This is a hot trend with logos made popular by companies like Federal Express. Just look between the "E" and the "X" of the Fedex logo and you will see the white space is actually an arrow pointing forward. Logos like Tostitos and FedEx that use negative space, are generally layering meanings about their brand into a single word. 

In the case of Tostitos, the brand wants the consumer to feel connected to the chips, and to their family and friends they are sharing their Tostitos with, just like the two "T's" sharing their chip. The negative space then relates to the positive experience of being unforgettable in your mind (via 99 Designs). No wonder we love Tostitos so much.