GBBO Fans Will Love Giuseppe Dell'Anno's Big Announcement

Forget the Kardashians. "GBBO" fans are keeping up with the Season 12 winner, Giuseppe Dell'Anno, a fan favorite from the 2021 show. As for what the star baker is up to now, Dell'Anno currently splits his time between Milan, Italy, where he works as an engineer, and Bristol, England, where his family lives (via Vulture).

Dell'Anno shared on his Instagram that he contributed to a cookbook from the show called "A Bake for All Seasons," in which "GBBO" judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith also shared recipes of their own, humbling stating, "Hard to believe little old me contributed to this!"

Dell'Anno has also, of course, been doing plenty of baking, taking to Instagram to share pics of his almond cookies, Christmas biscuits, and semolina and chocolate tart. As baking with family is very important to Dell'Anno — his father was a professional baker (via The Cinemaholic) — he has also shared time baking with his Great Auntie Vera, who taught him how to make tielle.

You will soon be able to recreate Giuseppe Dell'Anno's recipes at home

Luckily for "GBBO" fans everywhere, Giuseppe Dell'Anno has expanded beyond cookbook collaboration, as he has just announced on Instagram that he will be releasing his first solo cookbook, "Giuseppe's Italian Bakes." The book contains over 60 of Dell'Anno's own recipes, many of which he learned from his father, including rum baba and focaccia. Dell'Anno is excited about the release, writing in the caption, "If I'm honest, I cannot believe that this is really happening, and I'm still in disbelief while I'm writing this ... somebody pinch me, please!!!"

Fellow GBBOers blew up the comments with congratulations for the Italian baker, with season 12 finalist Crystelle Pereira writing, "I COULD NOT BE PROUDER, ZIO PEPE!!!!! Huge congratulations on what I KNOW will be a perfect book." Rahul Mandal, winner of the 2018 season, commented, "This is brilliant!! Congratulations on your book!! I can't wait to get my copy! Amazing!! Well done."

"Giuseppe's Italian Bakes" is said to be out in October 2022 and is currently available for preorder.