You Can Now Use Cryptocurrency For Your Next Chipotle Order

Times are a-changing in the fast food sphere, and they are doing so faster than you can fire up an app to place an order for your favorite combo meal. The industry has been undergoing a swift evolution and embracing technology in new and bold ways. Brands like Schlotzsky's are focused on ordering convenience, removing indoor seating and adding an additional drive-thru lane to accommodate customers who are taking their meals to go (via PR Newswire). Per Grub Street, third party delivery apps like DoorDash and GrubHub have seen the demand for their services and an increase in their profits rise exponentially. Many are even forming partnerships with companies like Papa Johns to help increase these quick service restaurants' capacity to serve even more customers (via QSR Magazine).

Well, things are about to get even more interesting for this industry. According to Restaurant Business, Chipotle is starting to flex its tech muscles. The chain invested in a self-driving delivery company just a few months ago, and now the brand that is famous for its guacamole and build-your-own-burrito is adding a new way to pay for your food using cryptocurrency. In fact, it is being reported that it might be the largest fast food chain to do so.

The payment uses the Flexa platform

Per an announcement posted on Medium, Chipotle has partnered with digital currency and payment platform Flexa so you can purchase your next meal using digital currency. All Chipotle locations in the United States will be accepting this payment method that allows customers to pay using bitcoin or other digital currency Flexa supports. As an added incentive, Flexa is offering Chipotle fans a 10% discount on your next purchase when you jump on the bandwagon and use your digital money.

How does it work? First, you have to have a digital wallet that works with Flexa. You can then use the app, pick Chipotle, and scan a barcode to pay for your meal. The whole process takes place in seconds according to the announcement, and for those who worry about the carbon emissions related to blockchain currencies, Flexa notes that they use "verified carbon offsets" to be carbon-negative. However, that's really not what we're focused on at the moment — the current market rate for one bitcoin is around $29,590, so it begs the question, how do you make change?