The Golden Girls Kitchen Will Offer A Slice Of The Ladies' Favorite Foods

There is a reason "The Golden Girls" ran for seven seasons, pocketed 11 Emmy wins and four Golden Globes, and continues to be enjoyed in re-runs. While this beloved sitcom managed to make fans laugh out loud, think about important social issues, and root for their favorite character's happiness for 30 minutes every week, it accomplished something much more profound. This show's leading ladies — Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia — made fans feel like they were their own bosom friends. And the "girls'" shared residence "at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami" (via House Beautiful) felt like a second home.  

Yes, many of the show's devotees might love nothing more than to join this close-knit quartet at the kitchen table for cheesecake and one of Rose's infamous St. Olaf tales. Dorothy would likely roll her eyes. Blanche would break into a story about her latest sexual escapades and Sophia would interject with her trademark, "Picture it. Sicily. [Some year in the early 1900s]." 

While fans will never get to sit down with these four fabulous ladies, they will soon be able to immerse themselves in an authentic, show-inspired setting. That's right. Four real-life friends can sidle up to Blanche's table and indulge in some Golden Girls' cheesecake. Here's what you need to know. 

Eat, shop, and takes selfies like a real Golden Girl

Coming to Beverly Hills in July, "The Golden Girls" pop-up restaurant will be offering an eatery and bar that promises to transport visitors back in time to the 1980s setting of this treasured sitcom. Derek Berry, the man behind previous TV-themed pop-up restaurants like the "90210" Peach Pit and the "Saved by the Bell"-inspired Saved by the Max, will launch this event through the Bucket Listers platform, saying, "Bringing 'The Golden Girls' to life has always been a dream of mine" (per Food & Wine). Fans can eat like the Golden Girls thanks to such offerings as Sophia's Lasagna, The Dorothy: A Miami Style Sandwich, Tea Arthur, Rose on Rosé, and Blanche's Georgia Style Cookies. But the star of the menu might be cheesecake.

For $50 per person, fans can grab nab a seat at this immersive experience. Food & Wine says that there will be a shop that features new merchandise not found anywhere else; oodles of selfie opportunities; a walk through Shady Pines Retirement Home; and occasional special events and panels. Bucket Listers is inviting people to join its waiting list to make their own Golden Girls memories. Judging from the Facebook replies, some fans can't wait. As one exclaimed, "I'll be there! We live fairly close to Beverly Hills, so I'm definitely not missing this." Though an Instagram user might have had the best response: tagging users to say, "THANK U FOR BEING A FRIEND."