You Can Eat Like The Golden Girls Thanks To This Fun Cookbook

"The Golden Girls," the massive hit sitcom that introduced the world to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, has always had a knack for making viewers feel on the receiving end of a warm, squishy hug. Without fail, as the first notes of the friend-centric theme song echoed through the air, fans would huddle in front of their television sets, enjoying what felt like a personal invite to sit on the rattan sofa for a chinwag or around the kitchen table for a middle-of-the-night cheesecake binge. It was perfect comfort viewing. 

And, as it turns out, the Golden Girls and food have quite a bit in common. Both feel like familiar friends, providing us with a reassuring embrace. They both spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And each one can be highly addictive. It makes sense, then, that this fabulous foursome would have a cookbook of their very own, simply titled, "The Golden Girls Cookbook." If you miss your 50-something-year-old Floridian friends and would love to travel back in time to the 1980s, dishing out one of Rose's Scandinavian specialties or Sophia's Sicilian masterpieces may do the trick. 

This book celebrates the personality and "cooking style" of each Golden Girl

Composed by celebrated chef Christopher Styler and featuring photos by "The New York Times'" food photographer Andrew Scrivani, per Goodreads, this homage to "The Golden Girls" includes pictures, quotes, and trivia from the hit series. Each character has her own section that resonates with her personality and cooking style. And, of course, there's cheesecake.

According to Grub Street, Dorothy's section is pragmatic — just like the substitute teacher herself — boasting recipes like (Almost) Unsweetened Granola, For Whom The Stuffed Bell Pepper Tolls, and Caesar Salad A La Zbornak. Sophia's portion focuses on her authentic, time-honored Sicilian fare, such as lasagna al forno, antipasto salad, and escarole with white beans over shells. Blanche offers up Southern cuisine, including cheesy grits casserole, honey bourbon glazed carrots, and Corny Corn Bread (via Disneygeek). Finally, Rose's collection conjures up images of St. Olaf and her Scandinavian roots with Swedish meatballs and St. Olaf Friendship Cake. By spotlighting the famous quartet, "The Golden Girls Cookbook" aims to be just the gift for those who miss Dorothy's rapier wit, Sophia's clever insults, Blanche's bedroom antics, or Rose's childlike enthusiasm — and a way to help these fans spend a day in the kitchen with gone-but-never-forgotten friends.