The Best Fast Food Places To Order Impossible Foods' Plant-Based Meat - Exclusive

A decade ago, finding vegetarian and vegan options in fast food locations was nearly an impossible feat. But now, the aptly named Impossible Foods brand has joined the charge to make plant-based meat more accessible than ever. Sure, there a still a ton of restaurants that haven't even put meatless pasta on the menu — let alone added plant-based burgers and other products. But with one restaurant at a time, plant-based options are popping up in locations all over the U.S., and Impossible Foods is no exception.

With Impossible Foods' special ingredient heme, the company's plant-based meat has an authentic taste that's hard to beat. So where exactly can customers find Impossible Foods products when they have a hankering for fast food? During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Impossible Foods' Chef J. Michael and Product Communications aficionado Megan Collins discussed their favorite fast food locations and restaurants that carry Impossible Foods products.

Plant-based Whoppers are no longer impossible

On Chef J. Michael's favorite fast food or restaurants that carry Impossible products, he said, "Disney with the Inventive Styles, they did a pressed Korean short rib out of our beef products. That's super cool and it elevates the idea of how you can use this." Impossible even has its own restaurant, Melton explained. "We have the Impossible Shop, which is our own namesake powered by Doghouse ... there's some killer menu items there."

While everyone loves a good Impossible Whopper, smaller restaurants have a personal touch and charm. "I love the small mom and pops because ... they're able to be nimble and try different things and cook from scratch. There's a little bit more control on a smaller scale," Michael noted. "We launched with David Chang and Momofuku Nishi, and then it ends up on Burger King. It's the same product behind both of those doors. The only similarity between those restaurants before that was maybe cleaning products. To have the same protein behind the doors of a top-end restaurant or a QSR, it's incredible."

Michael praised the progress Impossible Foods has made over the years. "We are the common denominator. We're bringing restaurant similarities together, and it's so important that we showcase that Impossible is that common denominator."

Slutty Vegan meets Impossible

Megan Collins added, "Slutty Vegan is one of our amazing partners. Shaq actually just did a whole episode with [Rip Michaels] where he was talking about how Pinky Cole, she's the chef and owner there, she's responsible for helping him go plant-based, and all of their burgers are made with Impossible." 

But Impossible Burger love doesn't stop there, as Collins mentioned another fast food partner. "Same with Moonburger. They're this really small upstate New York burger restaurant, similar to an In-N-Out, where they have a very limited menu, and again, it's only Impossible burgers, but it's so good. They actually got this glowing profile on the Wall Street Journal. They have a bunch of celebrity chef investors."

Customers can search for Impossible products and restaurants here, and for some Wild Nuggie fun, customers can follow the Instagram pages for Wanda the Whale, Rhonda the Rhino, Tommy the Tortoise, and Paul the Polar Bear.