Reddit Weighs In On Guy Fieri's Nicknames For Food Network Chefs

Nicknames are a part of life. Per We are the Mighty, monikers, or terms of endearment as they are often called, have been a part of the human experience since the Vikings. Every culture has them, and according to a dissertation by Paul Peterson, nicknames were not only common practice for the Norse, but they were also necessary, given the limited number of names people had to choose from. "Naso (Big nose), Brocchus (Large, projecting teeth), Caecus (Blind), Hirsutus (Hairy)" were all part of these nicknames that the Norse might choose to bestow upon someone. And sometimes, those nicknames could even take on bawdy and "sexually explicit" names (per

That tradition of nicknames has definitely spilled over to modern times. Jennifer Lopez is known as J.Lo, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were famously known as Brangelina. The Brightside shares that, as a kid, Mila Kunis was dubbed "goldfish" for her short memory and Hugh Jackman — who published that sweet cookbook — was called "sticks" because of his skinny legs. Well, they aren't the only ones sporting nicknames. In fact, nicknames are also part of the culinary world and celebrity chef Guy Fieri has dropped a few sobriquets on his peers, and the wonderful world of Reddit has some opinions.

Redditors have mixed feelings on Guy Fieri's monikers

The discussion-inspired website reveals the host of "Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives" has nicknames for several of his fellow Food Network chefs. Amanda Freitag is known as Chef AF in the Fieri universe. When Fieri is talking about Alex Guarnaschelli, he may call her "ICAG." Indian American chef Maneet Chauhan is known as the "Dancing Spice Queen" and Tiffani Faison is "Sweet T." Of course, they don't stop here. Fieri is quite the fan of bestowing these fun names on other chefs as well as other individuals he works with. He reportedly called staffers on his set names like "Lambchop" and "Butterbean," and he is often called "Guido" by friends. So, nicknames are important to Fieri. But what does Reddit think of Fieri's monikers?

One Reddit community member said, "I hate how the two South Asian chefs have spice queen nicknames. Feels off to me." Still, another had some strong feelings about Tiffani Faisson's shortened name, typing, "I hate SWEET T so much. It's like he felt he needed a nickname quickly and just made it up. Some of the nicknames I can see the association with the individual. But Sweet T makes no sense to me at all." While another countered with, "I hear you. Guess they went with the name of her BBQ joint? But it definitely doesn't land well as using 'sweet' in reference to her is like an oxymoron." What do you think of Fieri's nicknames – good, bad, or ugly?