The Unbelievable Tip One Massachusetts Server Received

In the U.S., it's standard practice to tip your server at least 15 to 20%. Today, restaurants are particularly reliant on diners' tips, explains TIME, as tips "subsidize" the otherwise low wages of most servers. Because tips keep wages low, restaurants can also offer lower menu prices and bring in more diners.

However, not everyone tips, and not everyone is in favor of tipping. One viral TikTok had people complaining about tipping culture, as many people believe restaurants should just pay their employees higher wages. Others argue the reason tipping should be abolished is that it subjects servers to harassment, discrimination, and financial instability. Still, others claim that they shouldn't have to pay servers extra for doing what's expected of them.

Although some diners ignore tipping etiquette, others go above and beyond for good service. In fact, a patron dining at a Massachusetts restaurant tipped his server with a lotto ticket, and both individuals won big money. 

The $2000 tip that shook Massachusetts

May 27 was one server's lucky day. Shirley Rose was covering the Keno lottery counter for a coworker when a customer bought two tickets, according to Fox News. The customer gave Rose one of the tickets as a tip and asked her to choose the numbers. When Rose checked the two tickets on her phone, they had won $2,000 each.

Though this story is just as amazing as the man who won $100,000 with a fortune cookie, not everyone was impressed. Many people pointed out that the lottery ticket just as easily could've turned out to be "a dud" and that it's "better to tip actual money." Nevertheless, in this instance, Rose left her work shift that day with ample more money than one traditional tip would afford her.

On one Reddit thread, servers and delivery drivers shared other unconventional tips they'd been given, including a box of Cheez-It crackers, a baby hamster, and a package of hot dogs. Another server was left a thank you note, in addition to a monetary tip. A good rule of thumb: Just tip the 20% and skip the hamster.