The Best Matcha Powders Of 2022

Matcha, as you may or may not already know, is a type of green tea. Just like all teas, it comes from a specific plant called Camellia sinensis. That's where the similarities end, however. For tea to be considered a true matcha, it can only be produced in Japan at one of two locations: Uji in Kyoto, or Nishio in the Aichi prefecture (via Pure Leaf). It must be farmed and harvested in specific ways, like being grown in shade and being picked at a specific time. By reducing the amount of sunlight the plants are exposed to, photosynthesis is substantially slowed down, explains Ceremony Matcha. This causes the plant to increase its chlorophyll output, which makes the tea leaves turn a deep, rich green.

After about a month of basking in filtered sunlight, the tea leaves are harvested, then steamed to prevent oxidation (which would otherwise turn the leaves dark and bitter). Next, they're dried with a special machine that keeps the leaves flat. The soon-to-be matcha is put through yet another machine that removes any wayward stems or veins, then is ground into an incredibly fine and antioxidant-rich powder. 

This unique tea is not only more potent and caffeinated than green tea, but can potentially help with your heart, liver and brain health, and even possibly prevent cancer (via Healthline). 

How we chose these matcha powders

When it comes to sourcing the best of matcha, it's not like figuring out the best espresso maker for you. These are small little bags or tins that we're talking about, not an apparatus that might take up substantial kitchen real estate. 

One of the main things we took into consideration was the quality of the matcha, also commonly referred to as its "grade." There are two broad grades of matcha: culinary and ceremonial. According to Artful Tea, the main difference between these two is simply how you'll use the matcha. Culinary is meant to be added to things like drinks and baked goods and tends to be less expensive. Ceremonial grade — which already sounds so regal, doesn't it? — is meant to be whisked with hot water and consumed as-is. 

In addition to quality and price point, reviews from educated tea consumers, as well as merchants specializing in tea, and larger third-party vendors (like Amazon) were also taken into consideration. Hopefully you can find a preferable matcha from this comprehensive list, or at least find some guidance as to what it might be that you're truly looking for.

Best matcha powder for beginners

If you're a first time matcha-maker, the last thing you want to do is spend an exorbitant amount of money on something that you might not like. Luckily, Jade Leaf Matcha has the beginner's mind in mind with their Modern Matcha Starter Set.

Included in this set are an instructional guide, an electric whisk (which can also double as a milk frother), scoop, and steel tea sifter. Jade Leaf's Modern Matcha Starter Set comes in clean and presentable packaging, which Amazon customers found appealing. 

While some buyers mentioned some trouble with the electric whisk, the customer support offered by Jade Leaf is top-notch. One other thing to take into consideration is that the Modern Matcha Starter Kit does not come with the actual matcha powder. However, a Jade Leaf representative stated that it includes a discount code for their tea.

You can purchase the Modern Matcha Starter Set by Jade Leaf starting at $19 on Amazon

Best budget matcha powder

Reviewers on Influenster applaud this matcha for its dissolvability factor (which Amazon reviewers also mention is a big plus), because it not only breaks down in hot and ice-blended drinks, but in iced beverages. It also works incredibly well with faux and nut-based milks. Ito En's Unsweetened Matcha has a pleasant, high-quality flavor compared to their competitors, with a good balance of umami, sweetness, and mild astringency. Because there is no added sugar, Amazon tasters state that it also works well for baking.

That being said, some consumers warned that when using it as purely a ceremonial beverage (that is, when it's whisked with hot water), the flavor was dull and chalky. It may be better for smoothies, as they noted.

If you're still unsure about throwing down a fair amount of money towards high-end matcha, Amazon sells Ito En Unsweetened Matcha starting at $11 for a 2-ounce bag.

Best high-end matcha powder

If you're an experienced ceremonial matcha consumer looking for something top of the line, then look no further than Ippodo Tea. Their Ummon-no-mukashi is the second-highest-grade matcha sold by this company. It's important to note that this matcha powder is not intended to be used for blended drinks like lattes or smoothies. Ippodo Tea Ummon is only recommended for both types of ceremonial matcha preparation, which are prepared the same way but with different matcha-to-water ratios (via MasterClass).

Experienced matcha drinkers on Amazon feel that Ippodo Tea's Ummon is the best of the best because it carries a deep umami flavor without being overpowering. Tasters on Influenster enjoy the fact that it gracefully walks a well-balanced line between delicate and rich.

The biggest complaint from Amazon reviewers is that you pay quite a bit for less than an ounce. Howver, if you're purchasing something pricey like this, it's obviously not intended to be consumed daily.

You can purchase Ippodo Tea's Ummon-no-mukashi starting at $30 on Amazon.

Best single-serve matcha powder

Sometimes you're on the go and don't really have time to sit down and whisk up a good cup of matcha. After all, do you know many people who carry a whole matcha-making set with them everywhere? Mighty Leaf Organic Matcha Singles is made for the "on-the-goers" who want to take ownership in what they're drinking but also don't want to pay a ridiculously high amount for a mass-marketed cup.

Mighty Leaf Organic Singles is super convenient and great for travel or work, which is a major plus for Amazon customers who are unable to find the time to sit down or are also simply just looking for convenience. While some individuals mention their matcha never fully dissolves and is mildly clumpy, this can actually mean that the matcha is high quality.

If you're a person who frequently finds themselves in a rush, you can purchase a pack of Mighty Leaf Unsweetened Singles starting at $15 on Amazon.

Best matcha powder for iced drinks and smoothies

If you prefer your matcha in the form of a smoothie or latte, then look no further than Matcha Love's Sweetened Barista Craft Blend. Amazon reviewers love this sweetened matcha powder because it allows them to recreate their favorite creamy, dreamy, matcha treat from the comfort of home. No lines, no misspelled names, and actively saving some dollars — what's not to love?

Some individuals also state that it tastes eerily like the Dunkin' drink of a similar make. Matcha Love's Barista Craft Blend lives up to its namesake, because customers commonly note that it really does blend well. The fact that it's sweetened is also a plus among ice blended latte lovers. One minor touchpoint is that some tasters say Matcha Love's Barista Craft Blend has a somewhat artificial flavor, although the only ingredients are sugar and green tea powder

If you're ready to break the siren's spell and save money and time, skip the line at and check out Matcha Love's Barista Craft Blend on Amazon, starting at $15.

Best matcha powder for lattes

Unlike more traditional matcha applications, a matcha latte is made with matcha powder and some type of milk. Recipes generally call for nut-based milks that bring a subtle sweetness which compliments the earthy flavor that matcha brings to the table. This also means you're going to want high grade matcha powder, because the slight astringency that culinary matcha has will be more pronounced in your latte. That's where Encha Matcha Latte Grade shines.

Encha Matcha Latte Grade is made from tea harvested during the first season. While the brand markets this powder as "latte grade" there really is no such thing. Although the grading system sounds a bit sketchy, Amazon customers find this matcha powder superior to culinary grade in both flavor and blendability. Some customers state that it tastes more like culinary grade, and find it pricier for a matcha of that quality. The folks at Matcha Connection have rated Encha Matcha Latte Grade 98 out of 100 points for grind, color, and taste, stating that its bright, vibrant green is indicative of high-quality tea powder.

Check out Encha Matcha Latte Grade on Amazon starting at $29.

Best matcha powder for something different

This multipurpose matcha powder comes from a UK-based company that has been in operation since 2013. PureChimp is a conscientious company that donates 5% of their proceeds to charity and pays its employees living wages. If the ethics of your matcha source are an important consideration, PureChimp may be just what you're looking for.

PureChimp's Matcha and Mint makes excellent frappés and smoothies, namely because the mint isn't too aggressive and leaves a nice light aftertaste. While some Amazon customers say that this matcha has the perfect amount of mint, others claim that there's no mint flavor at all. Meanwhile, matcha purists state that PureChimp Matcha and Mint is a high-quality matcha that is finely ground, a beautiful vibrant green, and a super smooth taste.

When this popular powder isn't sold out, you can find PureChimp Matcha and Mint on Amazon starting at $16.99.

Best matcha powder for baking

Just because culinary matcha is intended for mixing, blending, or baking doesn't mean it's any less worthy of consideration than its ceremonial counterpart. It simply means that the tea leaves weren't picked during the first harvest, according to the Global Japanese Tea Association. There are usually three to four harvesting seasons for tea, which start in the spring and continue through autumn. The first season produces the most high quality and prized tea. Culinary matcha is made from tea leaves picked during the second season.

Matcha enthusiasts enjoy that there's no added sugar in Matcha Love's Culinary matcha, which can sometimes sneak into the ingredients (and also possibly ruin any baked goods that already contain sugar). Other Amazon reviewers liked the fact that it was a great alternative for individuals with IBS or GERD, who are unable to drink more caffeinated beverages. Compared to ceremonial matcha, culinary matcha can sometimes have a stronger and more bitter flavor, which some Amazon customers noted. Then again, they also admitted that they might have mixed it incorrectly.

You can purchase Matcha Love's Culinary Grade Matcha on Amazon starting at $15.

Best multipurpose matcha powder

Sometimes you're looking for a matcha that can be used in more than one way. After all, versatility in the kitchen is a good thing, right? FGO Organic Matcha will fit quite nicely into that multipurpose space, given that it can be used for baking, smoothies, and lattes, but may also be consumed as a ceremonial tea.

Amazon customers state that FGO Organic Matcha allows them to recreate their favorite coffee chain matcha lattes at home and for a fraction of the cost. That being said, other reviewers seem to have issues with getting the matcha powder to fully dissolve. When it comes to the culinary side of FGO's Organic Matcha, foodies report that it makes a great homemade green tea ice cream, while this multitasking individual confirms that it successfully works for both baking and drinking.

Find FGO's Organic Matcha Powder on Amazon starting at $19.

Best matcha powder with superfoods

On its own, matcha is a health powerhouse that's full of flavonoids which may reduce inflammation, prevent tooth decay, and improve heart health (via Food Research International). Meanwhile, lion's mane is a fungus that has multiple positive benefits on the body, and is generally taken to help with cognitive functioning (via Healthline). Cordyceps (also a fungus) is currently used as a safe and effective herbal medicine in Chinese hospitals, according to "Herbal Medicine." This basically means that Genius Matcha's Green Tea Powder (with lion's mane and cordyceps) is quite possibly the ultimate superfood drink for your mind and body.

Amazon reviewers love that Genius Matcha's Green Tea Powder blends well and tastes great, especially when used in making matcha lemonade. Some reviewers are a bit hesitant about the price and packaging (it comes in a zipper pouch, inside of a tin, all of which flings matcha powder if not opened correctly). Best Views Reviews rates is a nine out of 10 for overall value (including taste, price, and quality).

You can buy Genius Matcha's Green Tea Powder starting at $29 on Amazon.

Best all-in-one matcha powder

While a matcha set has already been featured for those who are just starting on their matcha journey, Tealyra's Matcha Kit is geared more towards the experienced. Included in this kit are seven integral items for your matcha mornings: 50 grams of premium ceremonial grade matcha, a bamboo whisk, whisk holder, matcha scoop, sifter, ceramic bowl, and a bamboo tray for presentation. While it doesn't come with an instructional manual, it's still considered a good gift for newbie matcha-makers. Amazon customers love that Tealyra's Matcha Kit has everything needed for a traditional tea ceremony and consider it a perfect item for those who want to invoke a bit of ceremonial self-care.

One minor criticism among Amazon reviews was that the matcha had a bitter taste and didn't seem to be as high-quality as it could have been. However, it still enjoys strong reviews from many customers.

Find Tealyra's Matcha Kit on Amazon starting at $64.

Best overall matcha powder

Although Kyoto Dew Organic Matcha is a bit on the pricier side, this vibrant green tea powder enjoys some seriously strong ratings. Amazon customers note that this emerald-colored powdered tea has all the marks of a high-grade matcha, from being absolutely grain-free to having a sweet, smooth taste with mild, earthy aromatics. Kyoto Dew Organic Matcha is non-GMO and certified organic by the USDA and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard).

One minor qualm was associated with the actual flavor consistency, as one reviewer had a questionable-tasting batch (after a prior good experience). Others are a bit confused by the powder's texture, noting that it's on the thin side. Ultimately, however, Amazon consumers have an incredibly positive opinion of Kyoto Dew Organic Matcha, stating that although it might be a bit more expensive than other matchas, you can very much taste the high quality difference.

Kyoto Dew Organic Matcha is available on Amazon starting at $25.