McAlister's Is Scooping Up A New Way To Enjoy Its Sweet Tea

Sweet iced tea is not just a Southern thing. As AARP rightly points out, once this staple hit fast food restaurant menus like McDonald's, it became an everyone. everywhere drink. However, in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, it's fair to say the South made sweet iced tea what it is today. One of the first cookbooks to feature this thirst-quenching beverage, as AARP notes, was "Housekeeping in Old Virginia" by Marion Cabell Tyree, published in 1878. 

Once it started appearing in cookbooks, its popularity began to gather steam. In the first part of the 20th Century, sweet tea arrived at the World Fair in St. Louis, and the rest is teabag history. Today, per Statista, the world gulps down an astounding 5.8 million metric tons of this simple drink that uses water and tea leaves. 

While there are many ways to take your tea, sweet tea is clearly a favorite, and just in time for National Iced Tea Day, June 10th, McAlister's Deli has come up with a new way to celebrate this beverage. McAlister's is famous for its sweet iced tea which is described on the deli's menu as brewed using orange pekoe black tea, sweetened to perfection, and poured over ice. It's so good, in fact, that they even sell it by the gallon. However, for a limited time, you are going to be able to take your McAlister's sweet tea in a frozen, scoopable form and will be able to buy it by the pint.   

McAlister's delivers for its fans

Per a highlight reel on its Instagram account, McAlister's Deli recalls last year's April Fool's day post about a sweet tea ice cream, which fans began demanding. The deli heard the call — and delivered.

Per a press release, beginning June 10th, McAlister's Deli sweet tea devotees can enjoy this beverage as an ice cream. The deli worked with traditional ice cream maker Creamalicious, whose tag line is "blissfully Southern," to create McAlister's Deli Famous Sweet Tea ice cream. This frozen dessert is described as creamy and smooth, but having the added texture and taste of sugar cookies and lemon swirls. If it makes you feel like you are slurping up a glass of sweet iced tea and daintily nibbling on cookies, then mission complete. You can pair it with one of McAlister's best deli sandwiches, or enjoy it all by itself.

McAlister's website notes this frozen treat will only be available to purchase in its eateries through June 12th or while supplies last. A pint of this sweet tea ice cream will run you $7.99. Additionally, they will make the ice cream available on their website. However, if you miss out on this sweet tea ice cream, McAlister's Deli notes you should mark your calendar for Free Tea Day which is July 21st. Sweet tea lovers can get one free tea in the store or a max of four if you use their app and order online.