The Best Foods You'll Find At Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market, one of Seattle's crown jewels, has operated nonstop since 1907. This beloved landmark has more than 220 shops and restaurants plus hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, and musicians working there every day. Every shop is full of unique treasures — there are no chain stores at Pike Place except for the flagship Starbucks, which opened in 1971.

Although the market is a mecca for locals, it's also a popular tourist destination. Planning to arrive early in the day is best, especially if crowds make you twitch. While it might be challenging to see all of Pike Place Market in a single day, it's the rare visitor that doesn't stop for something to eat. Don't worry about choices — there are so many tempting spots to eat that moving to Seattle might be the only way to sample them all.

If relocating to Seattle isn't in the cards (or even if your house has a view of Elliott Bay), don't miss these favorites if you're looking for the tastiest morsels at Pike Place Market.

Waffle cones at Shy Giant Frozen Yogurt

Shy Giant has been a favorite at Pike Place Market since 1976. Besides their signature frozen yogurt, whose tanginess mirrors regular yogurt in a way most froyo misses, they also serve traditional and vegan ice creams. Offering a range of yummy flavors and toppings and treats like shakes, sundaes, and smoothies blended with fresh fruit, Shy Giant has another way to lure customers: Fresh waffle cones.

Shy Giant makes their waffle cones, and not only do they hold a lot of froyo, but their scent also wafts through the market and leads traffic right to their door. One Yelp user said, "Waffle cones were homemade and smelled delicious!" These thin, crispy waffles complement any flavor of froyo or ice cream — and while we admit they make for large serving sizes, sharing is always an option.

Shy Giant's staff is friendly and accommodating, and the flavors are constantly changing based on seasons and holidays. Whether your tastes are traditional or you're feeling adventurous, there's definitely a flavor you'll love — and if you've never had a waffle cone, Shy Giant is the place to try one!

Sausage sandwich at Uli's

Anyone that loves sausage needs to grab lunch at Uli's Famous Sausage. Uli's has been making fresh sausage every day for more than 40 years, and after one bite, you'll know why Uli's is a favorite at Pike Place Market. Reddit users on r/Seattle say that Uli's sausages are "some bomb sausages," and Facebook fans urge us to, "Grab a beer, order some food, and enjoy life a little bit" at Uli's.

While you can get the sausage to cook at home and the deli counter offers plenty of options, dining in is perfect for a shopping break at the market. Uli's offers a build-your-own sandwich or offers sausage on a bed of sauerkraut, so you get everything you like. First, choose which kind of sausage "floats your boat" — bratwurst, kielbasa, hot Italian, or chicken sausage (also, the apple chicken sausage, wow!) Add toppings like sauerkraut or onions, raw or grilled, if you want a sandwich. Top it off with Uli's Famous curry ketchup, or stick with mayo, plain ketchup, or mustard — they serve yellow, Dijon, and stone ground. Round it out with crispy seasoned fries, and you have a classic Pike Place lunch.

Fried chicken at Radiator Whiskey

Radiator Whiskey is one of the newer gastropubs (opened in 2013) at Pike Place Market, but it's already locally famous. The vast selection of whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon is an obvious draw, but its specialty Beast Feast put it on the map. The feast is only available with advance orders and includes a smoked pig head complete with fried ears, eyeballs, and braised tongue. Tripadvisor users note that anyone brave enough to eat the pig's eyeballs gets a free shot of whiskey, but if you aren't feeling quite that brave, Radiator Whiskey offers plenty of other options.

Enter fried chicken, the American classic that never disappoints. Get it crisp and hot with sides of mac and cheese and cast iron cornbread topped with smoked honey butter — or maybe Texas toast with jalapeño honey butter, chipotle mayo, and pickles is more your style. Either way, you can't go wrong, and don't forget to order Rad Whiskey's signature dessert, two epic chocolate chip cookies and a shot of Old Grand-Dad.

Although Radiator Whiskey is not open for lunch, it's a great spot to hit on your next date night. Whether you live in Seattle or plan to visit, Radiator Whiskey should be on your Seattle bucket list.

Croissants at Le Panier

Shopping can be exhausting, and nothing recharges you faster than a buttery pastry with a heavenly cup of coffee. Le Panier serves authentic French pâtisserie, fresh bread, and offerings like sandwiches and feuilletés, which are puff pastries with savory fillings like cheese, chicken, vegetables, or mushrooms. Don't let long lines deter you — Le Panier is busy because it's one of the best bakeries in Seattle.

Every offering at Le Panier is made using traditional French techniques, no surprise since their pastry chef and co-owner is French. Anything you try will be delicious, but Tripadvisor users rave about the croissants, with one noting that she loved the almond croissants so much that she practically gains weight just thinking about them. Indeed, choosing between chocolate, almond, raspberry, or the classic flaky butter croissant is the hardest part. Hey, maybe get some to go!

Even seasoned home bakers might flinch at the prospect of homemade croissants. The process is notoriously involved, and timing is critical. Getting fresh croissants from the oven at Le Panier might be the easy way out, but there's no contest when the easy way out is that delicious.

Chowder at Pike Place Chowder

Chowder is most often associated with New England, and while it is a staple of that region, the cream-based seafood bisque is famous across the nation. Chowder recipes vary between cooks; some like to add a bit of spice, like cayenne pepper or jalapeño, while some recipes include bacon and corn.

Chowder always includes potatoes, clams, and cream, at least outside Manhattan, but some cooks elevate chowder with other seafood, and Pike Place Chowder is no exception. In addition to traditional New England clam chowder, this award-winning restaurant has redefined chowder using smoked salmon, crab, oysters, and even chorizo sausage. They pride themselves on small batches for the best-tasting experience and only use farm-fresh vegetables, rich cream, and prime seafood.

While the lines at Pike Place Chowder can often stretch out the door, there's a reason for the hype. Visitors love the chowder bread bowl, and Tripadvisor reviewers can't say enough. If you're at the market looking for lunch or dinner, don't miss your chance to eat at Pike Place Chowder.

Brunch at Café Campagne

Brunch is a weekend favorite, but Café Campagne in Pike Place Market goes above and beyond. Unlike many brunch spots, they offer extended brunch hours; 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays, and 9 am to 4 pm on Sundays. During the summer (between Memorial and Labor Day), brunch is also available Wednesday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

The menu covers traditional French favorites like quiche Lorraine, French rolled omelets, salade Niçoise, and croque monsieur. An extensive wine list, champagne, and brunch cocktails offer something for everyone, and outdoor dining on Post Alley is a must for those that long to dine al fresco in Paris.

If, by chance, you have room for dessert, Café Campagne offers French classics like chocolate cognac mousse, crème brûlée, or sorbet — or for the authentic Parisian experience, order a cheese plate with nuts, baguette, and fruit preserves. Weekends at Pike Place Market tend to be incredibly crowded, so taking advantage of summer weekday brunches may be your best option. Still, the optimistic marketer sees the vibrant crowds as part of the experience and considers a delicious brunch worth any inconvenience.

Fresh produce at Sosio's

Whether you're looking for a quick, healthy snack or you want to pick up produce for the week, Sosio's is a must. A staple at Pike Place Market, Sosio's has been family owned for more than 50 years. You'll find the freshest fruits and vegetables on displays constructed each morning, and customers love the selection, samples, and friendly staff.

Sosio's carries more than 120 different fruits and vegetables each day. Seasonal and local produce is sourced directly from farms, but they also import international fruits and vegetables. One of the coolest parts of shopping at Sosio's is hunting for their trademarked "Oh My God" logo. When customers see the OMG label, they know they've found Seattle's best and juiciest produce.

If you need a specialty ingredient, Sosio's has you covered. Don't be afraid to expand your meal plan with anything from black trumpet mushrooms to fiddleheads. The staff is happy to share recipes and information about preparing anything sold at the market. Shopping at Sosio's makes eating the rainbow easy — and shopping there is also an adventure!

Fish and chips at Seatown Rub Shack

Seattle's love of seafood is undeniable — even in Pike Place Market alone you can find a dozen seafood restaurants. Seatown Rub Shack & FishFry is one of them, and since owner Tom Douglas is a two-time James Beard winner and Iron Chef winner (via OpenTable), this eatery with indoor and patio seating is sure to please.

The seafood-centric menu offers plenty of options, whether you like fish tacos, crab cakes, or a salmon burger — but there's nothing like the simplicity of a great plate of fish and chips. The Rub Shack uses Alaskan cod for a juicy, flaky center with all the crunch you could ask from fried fish. If you've ever ordered fish and chips and thought the fries lackluster, the crackling crisp tater tots will be a breath of fresh air. For dipping, smoky onion ketchup and creamy tartar sauce please everyone's palate, and you'll also get a side of red cabbage slaw.

Don't miss the Triple Coconut Cream pie if you have room for dessert — it'll change your life! Seriously, it's that good! If you don't have room for it, come back another day just for pie. Seatown Rub Shack & FishFry is among the best foods at Pike Place Market.

Scones at Three Girls Bakery

Three Girls Bakery has an impressive pedigree; not only did it open at Pike Place Market more than a century ago, but it was also the first Seattle business to be licensed to women in the city. They offer an extensive array of fresh-baked goods, including savory-filled croissants, fruit turnovers, cookies, and bread from the best local bakeries. Customers can be sure of getting the freshest bread since Three Girls donates all the leftover loaves each day.

If you stop for lunch, Three Girls serves soup and sandwiches in the luncheonette, including their famous meatloaf sandwich, but for a light breakfast or snack, you can't go wrong with a buttery, flaky scone. These handheld delicacies that taste like a cross between shortbread and a muffin go delectably with coffee or tea. Three Girls offers blueberry, raspberry, and mixed berry scones, and Tripadvisor reviewers can't get enough, calling them "part of Seattle culture."

Three Girls also makes scones for their gluten-free friends, like these white cheddar and green onion GF scones. We say that makes them the perfect bakery for everyone spending the day at Pike Place Market — so you might want to simply follow your nose and grab a scone while shopping.

Mac and cheese at Beecher's Handmade Cheese

Beecher's has been selling delicious homemade cheese at Pike Place Market since 2003, and their signature award-winning Flagship cheese brings customers in droves. This cow's milk cheddar is superb any way you slice it, but Beecher's "World's Best" mac and cheese make it shine. To put the cherry on the proverbial sundae, Beecher's offers mac and cheese lovers options: The original mac and cheese is creamy perfection, but you can also get it with broccoli or smoked Flagship cheese. Try salmon-topped mac or order "Mariachi" mac and cheese with Anaheim chiles and vegetables if you want to kick it up a notch. They even make a gluten-free version to meet all dietary needs.

Of course, you can also try soup, paninis, grilled cheese, or buy ingredients for a cheese board while you're there. Or, you know, buy a ton of cheese to take home. Beecher's is always willing to share the cheesiest recipes for your own culinary desires, so having lunch while touring the market and making cheese-based yummies at home is a win-win.

Green eggs and ham at The Crumpet Shop

You aren't alone if you've ever confused crumpets with English muffins. The two breakfast treats look similar, but crumpets are made from poured batter, while English muffins are dough-based. English muffins are thicker, and most people like them toasted, while crumpets are eaten straight off the grill. Both are used as bread for breakfast sandwiches, and the Crumpet Shop has been serving sweet and savory crumpets at Pike Place Market since 1976.

The Crumpet Shop is a perfect stop for breakfast, a snack, or light lunch, serving organic loose teas (with unlimited free refills!) and locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks. The offerings are varied and delectable, not to mention easy on the wallet. There's a range of sweet crumpets, so whether you want to try "the Lifechanger" with Vermont maple butter, cream cheese, and walnuts or keep it simple with butter or jam, you'll find a crumpet to suit your fancy. The savory crumpets are heartier sandwiches with cheeses, vegetables, ham, or smoked salmon combinations.

The egg crumpets keep breakfast business brisk, and Tripadvisor reviewers love the green eggs and ham version. Aside from the nod to Dr. Seuss, eating a crumpet topped with pesto scrambled eggs, cheese, and ham is a not-to-be-missed treat. The Crumpet Shop is small, so plan to arrive early or order takeout if the outdoor seating area isn't an option.

Pasta at The Pink Door

The Pink Door has been delighting Seattle since 1981 with its unmarked pink door on Post Alley, fantastic locally-sourced Italian food, lovely views, and cabaret entertainment. Owner Jackie Roberts nails the hospitality game with imaginative decor, warm relationships with her staff and uses her love of gardening to create fresh, seasonal dishes based on her family's recipes.

The Pink Door offers a range of Italian favorites, but after all, pasta is quintessentially Italian, and the lasagna is to die for. Spinach pasta layered with pesto, smooth white besciamella, and marinara is a combination that begs to be devoured. If you're a fan of linguine with clam sauce, try linguine alle vongole, the classic pasta with baby clams in a sauce made with olive oil, wine, spicy red pepper, garlic, and pancetta. Soak up any leftover sauce with grilled garlic bread known as fettunta. Carbonara, ravioli, Bolognese, and meatballs — the pasta offerings alone are impressive.

Tripadvisor reviewers love The Pink Door, raving about the expertly prepared food, excellent service, entertainment, and the ambiance in equal measure. If you love pasta, don't miss The Pink Door at Pike Place Fish Market.

Piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky

You are missing a treat if you've never tasted a piroshky (sometimes spelled piroshki or pirozhki). These handheld stuffed buns come from Russia and the Baltic region and are traditionally stuffed with cabbage, beef, onions, hard-boiled eggs, or mushrooms. Piroshky Piroshky has been serving their exquisite take on the Russian favorite since 1992, and today there are 32 varieties to choose from.

There's a piroshky for every taste and time of day. For breakfast, try the breakfast scramble piroshky, stuffed with egg, sausage, spinach, tomato, cheese, and tomatoes. If you prefer pastry for breakfast, you can't go wrong with the apple cinnamon roll or the chocolate cream hazelnut roll. The smoked salmon pâté or the beef and cheese piroshky fit the bill if you want a savory treat. There are even vegan and vegetarian versions made with Impossible™ beef, field roast (a spicy, plant-based sausage), potatoes, mushrooms, and onions. Whichever piroshky you choose, you won't be disappointed.

Smithsonian Magazine listed Piroshky Piroshky as one of America's most iconic food destinations, and it's easy to see why. The bakery offers free local delivery, and you can even buy dough to make your piroshky at home. When you're at Pike Place Market and get hungry, head straight to Piroshky Piroshky.

Blackened salmon sandwich at the Market Grill

Market Grill has been serving up one of the best blackened salmon sandwiches in the country since 1996 and considering Seattle's love of seafood, that's saying something. Market Grill's motto, "Keep It Wild," sums up its dedication to sustainable fishing, and fans rave about the food, service, and atmosphere. The Travel Channel featured Market Grill on "Delicious Destinations," showing the many reasons locals and tourists flock to get this sandwich.

Market Grill has plenty of seafood, as well as chicken, soup, and vegetarian offerings. It's worth noting that all their proteins are grilled with their secret blackened seasoning, but anyone that's not a fan of spice can order chowder or seafood stew and garlic bread.

The blackened salmon sandwich is their top seller, and it's easy to see why. Not only does Market Grill use sustainably fished, local salmon, but they also source other ingredients, such as baguettes, onions, and spices, from neighboring Pike Place Market shops. The blackened salmon sandwich, which comes on a grilled baguette and is topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, Romaine, and the Grill's signature lemon rosemary mayo, has everyone clamoring for more. If you're visiting Pike Place and see the blue and green neon salmon sign, you know you're in the right place.

Eggs Benedict at Athenian Seafood

The Athenian Seafood Restaurant has been at Pike Place Market since 1909 and is well-known for sweeping views of Puget Sound, the Seattle Great Wheel, and the Olympic mountains. Diners love watching the ferries and consider it a go-to for a romantic meal. Happy hour includes local microbrews and favorite appetizers like wings and nachos or small plate offerings of fish tacos, salmon skewers, and chipotle beef sliders.

Although customers give all the food huge thumbs up, the Athenian offers a delightful breakfast menu, including mimosas and Bloody Marys. Their eggs Benedict are the jewel in their breakfast crown. Traditionalists can order the classic Benedict, English muffins with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise. Seafood lovers are in for a real treat because the Athenian also serves seafood versions that are the bomb. Choose between Dungeness crab cake Benedict and smoked salmon Benedict, if you can. If not, bring friends and order all three varieties to see which one you love most. Can't decide? You don't have to — Athenian Lunch is one of those places where you order with your heart because you'll never be disappointed.